Parish Youth Leadership

About the program

A concentration in parish youth leadership equips students for a career working with youth in a faith-based setting. 

Why study Parish Youth Leadership at Roanoke College?

  • Targeted. By zeroing in on the specific challenges and goals of youth ministry, students are ready to take an active approach in guiding youth in questions of faith.
  • Interdisciplinary. With coursework that draws from both humanities and social sciences, the concentration makes a strong pairing with a major in religious studies or psychology.
  • Relationships. At Roanoke, students work one-on-one with professors, several of whom are renowned Christian theologians, as well as with youth pastors in the field.

Real-world Learning

Students have the opportunity to experience an internship in parish youth leadership. In addition, students can broaden their experiences through travel courses, international service opportunities, study abroad and independent research.

What's next?

This concentration specifically prepares students to serve as youth leaders in a church or community setting. Students may also find this concentration helpful for more general careers in ministry, counseling, social work, education, mission work, community leadership and more. 

Additionally, the concentration combined with the appropriate major can prepare students well for seminary or graduate studies.

Program Requirements

Parish Youth Leadership Requirements