Religious Studies

About the Program

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism... By considering traditions around the globe, students explore the richness and diversity of religious thought. View religious studies news.

Why study religion at Roanoke?

  • Insightful. Students delve into culture, ritual, history, literature and sacred texts-allowing for multifaceted insights into our human urge toward spirituality.
  • Guided. Students have the opportunity to work with Roanoke's outstanding religion faculty, many of whom are leading scholars in their field.
  • Global. By making connections among various religions, students gain a deeper understanding of world history and global politics.

Real-world learning

What's next?

Because religious studies demand critical thinking and communication skills, students are well prepared for both graduate studies and a variety of careers.

Religion students often go into education, medicine, law, journalism, international business, diplomacy and of course religion.

Program Requirements

Religious Studies Major Requirements
Religious Studies Minor Requirements