Summer Scholars Projects

Previous Summer Scholars are listed below.

Summer Scholars Projects (2021)


  • Samantha Meyer. An Immigrant Family of Artists: Seeking the Untold Story of the Silvette Family of Painters. Major: Art History, Studio Art. (Faculty Mentor: Julia Sienkewicz, Fine Arts)
  • Isabella Moritz. The Weight of Power: Dressing Ancient Royalty in Life and in Death. Major: Art History. (Faculty Mentor: Leslie Warden, Fine Arts)
  • Ashtyn Porter. A Comparative Study of Environmental Racism: Redlining at Home and Abroad. Major: International Relations, Creative Writing. (Faculty Mentor: Jesse Bucher, History)

Social Sciences

  • Benjamin Campbell. Effects of Elicited Jealousy on Masculinity and Relational Aggression in Men. Major: Psychology. (Faculty Mentor: Danielle Findley-Van Nostrand, Psychology)
  • Jennifer Engl. Protecting Children on the Move in the United States. Major: International Relations. (Faculty Mentor: Daisy Ball, Public Affairs)
  • Naomi Painter. Disgust and increased prejudice against Asian-Americans during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Major: Psychology, Economics. (Faculty Mentor: Chris Buchholz, Psychology)


  • Ahmed Abu Sultan. Kinematic patterns during locomotion: Examining coordination and control strategies in humans. Major: Physics. (Faculty Mentor: Matthew Rearick, Health & Human Performance)
  • Jacob Barrett. The Effects of Estrogen on Tail Fin Regeneration in Embryonic Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Major: Biology. (Faculty Mentor: Chris Lassiter, Biology)
  • Jake Beardsley. The Harden Effect: Quantifying the Impact of Fouls on NBA Game Outcomes. Major: Mathematics, Economics (Faculty Mentor: Adam Childers, Math, Computer Science, & Physics)
  • Britt Belcher. Managing Stormwater and Restoring Ecosystems Services on the Roanoke College Elizabeth Campus: An Initial Assessment. Major: Environmental Studies, Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Chelsea Peters, Environmental Studies)
  • Kristen Privette. The Paradox of Urban Insect Diversity: what role do refugia play?. Major: Environmental Studies. (Faculty Mentor: Rachel Collins, Biology)
  • Emma Richards. The Effect of Ferulic Acid on Tomato Root Lengths. Major: Biology. (Faculty Mentor: Len Pysh, Biology)
  • Eli Wooliever. Development of a Water Quality Sensor to Investigate Pollutants and Environmental Inequality. Major: Physics, Biochemistry. (Faculty Mentor: Rama Balasubramanian, Math, Computer Science, & Physics)

Summer Scholars Projects (2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer Scholars did not occur during Summer 2020.

Summer Scholars Projects (2019)

Social Sciences

  • Jared Boone. Power Structures and Political Tradition: An Explanation for the Disparate Healthcare Outcomes Between the United States and France. Major: Political Science, French. (Faculty Mentor: Bryan Parsons, Public Affairs)
  • Emma Howard-Woods. Barriers to Healthcare Access: How Socioeconomic Status Affects Perceived Access to Healthcare. Major: Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Kristen Schorpp, Sociology)
  • Nathaniel Willis. Religion and Politics in the Middle East: A Comparative Study of Christian Communities in Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel. Major: History, Political Science. (Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Snow, Public Affairs)
  • Stephanie Zemba. Social Isolation Among Aging Immigrants. Major: Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Meeta Mehrotra, Sociology)


  • Emma Coogan. Testing the Limits of Perception and Cognition of the Odorous House Ant Tapinoma sessile. Major: Biology. (Faculty Mentor: Rachel Collins, Biology)
  • Andrew Droubay. Pointer Visualization and Education in C++ Through Gamification. Major: Computer Science, Mathematics (Faculty Mentor: Durell Bouchard, MCSP)
  • Isabel Hildesheim. Using Bryophytes for Stronger Quantification of the Effects of Air Pollution in Habitat. Major: Biology. (Faculty Mentor: DB Poli, Biology)
  • Mark Maust. Optimization and Investigation of a novel palladium-catalyzed olefin difunctionalization. Major: Chemistry. (Faculty Mentor: Skip Brenzovich, Chemistry)
  • Dylan Sullivan. Development of a Low-Cost Fluorescence Spectrometer. Major: Chemistry. (Faculty Mentor: Richard Keithley, Chemistry)
  • Andrew Webb. Creating Interactive Fire Spread in VR. Major: Applied Computer Science. (Faculty Mentor: Anil Shende, MCSP)

Summer Scholars Projects (2018)


  • Elizabeth Janes. The Roles of the Radical Feminist and Labor Movements in Recognizing and Combating Sexual Harassment in the Late 20th Century. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Mary J. Henold, History)
  • Zachary Margrave. Conversations in Chamber Music: The Role Dialogue and Intertextuality Play in the Development of the String Quartet. Major: Music. (Faculty Mentor: Gordon Marsh, Fine Arts)
  • Timothy Shay. Answering the Call: A Re-evaluation of Sixth-Century Tyranny in Athens. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Jason Hawke, History)
  • Olivia Streett. Civilizing the Silver Screen: How Colonial Nostalgia Shaped German Identity through Third Reich Propaganda. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Robert A. Willingham, History)
  • Katherine Williamson. The Formation of Mexican Identity: Queer Representation in the Works of Silvia Tomasa Rivera, Sara Levi Calderón, and Rosamaría Roffiel. Major: Spanish, French. (Faculty Mentor: Jose F. Banuelos Montes, Modern Languages)

Social Sciences

  • Bentleigh Asboth. Public Attitudes towards Multinational and Domestic Business in the Middle East. Major: International Relations, Spanish. (Faculty Mentor: Andreea S. Mihalache-O'Keef, Public Affairs)
  • Sasha Bronder. Marijuana and Marginalized Communities: Policies on Legalization and Their Impact on Social Justice. Major: Religious Studies, Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Kristi L. Hoffman, Sociology)
  • Aislinn Foutz. Parental and Peer Factors in Children's Theory of Mind Development. Major: Psychology. (Faculty Mentor: Danielle Findley-Van Nostrand, Psychology)
  • Benjamin Pullen. The Role of the Body in Protest: The Relationship between the Body, Discipline, and Power. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Marit A. Berntson, Sociology)
  • Jacob Trombley. The Ethics of Back Channel Negotiations. Major: International Relations, History. (Faculty Mentor: Daisy B. Ball, Public Affairs)
  • Yipeng Wang. Gender Difference of Domestic Abuse and How Honor Culture Would Affect those Differences. Major: Psychology. (Faculty Mentor: Lindsey L. Osterman, Psychology)


  • Morgan Heckman. Modeling Circadian Clocks in Spiders. Major: Physics. (Faculty Mentor: Daniel T. Robb, MCSP)
  • Noelle Warfford. Developing My Musical Style: (Choral) Composition with an Interdisciplinary Twist. Major: Psychology, Music. (Faculty Mentor: Durell Bouchard, MCSP)

Summer Scholar Projects (2017)


  • Erin Hannon. Latin America's Forgotten Revolutionaries: Women in the Mexican, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Revolutions. Major: History. (Faculty mentor: Ivonne Wallace Fuentes, History)
  • Alexander Pelletier. An Industrial Revolution: Road to Reform and Restoration. Major: History. (Faculty mentor: Stella Xu, History)
  • Olivia Streett. Better Homes und GÓ“rten:  German women in the construction of civility in colonial East Africa. Major: History. (Faculty mentor: Jesse Bucher, History)

Social Sciences

  • Tyler Hofmann-Reardon. Making a Voter. Majors: Political Science and History. (Faculty mentor: Harry Wilson, Public Affairs)
  • Sabrina McAllister. Time Perspective as a State-Based Measure. Major: Psychology. (Faculty mentor: David Nichols, Psychology)
  • Megan Miller. Self-driving cars as a test of the potentially harmful effects of empathy on moral decision making. Major: Psychology. (Faculty mentor: Chris Buchholz, Psychology).
  • Abdul-Fatah Soroush. United Nations and Global Governance. Major: International Relations. (Faculty mentor: Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef, Public Affairs)


  • Austin Bane. Constructing a Software for Modeling Protostellar Formation with Visual Representation. Majors: Math, Computer Science, and Physics. (Faculty mentor: Matt Fleenor, Physics)
  • Lynn Luckenbaugh. Investigation of the Gene Coding for Hydroxymandelate Synthase Protein in Streptomyces violaceusniger. Majors:  Biochemistry and Math. (Faculty mentor: Cathy Sarisky, Chemistry)
  • Andrew Luther. Using Relationships between Words to Find Relevant Terminology in Historical Texts. Majors: Computer Science, History and Math. (Faculty mentor: Anil Shende, Computer Science)
  • Holly Morrison. Pressure Ulcers: A Translational and Comparative Medical Approach at Discovering a Successful Treatment Method. Majors: Biology and Environmental Studies. (Faculty mentor: Meg Steinweg, Biology)
  • Sky Paderick. CuInS2 Nanoparticles: A Kinetics Approach to Size and Shape Control of Nanoparticles by Manipulation of Thiourea Sulfur Precursors. Major: Chemistry. (Faculty mentor: Steven Hughes, Chemistry)
  • Nathan Price. Thermal Self-Healing Polymers: Kinetic Studies of Model Diels-Alder Reactions Using 19F NMR. Major: Chemistry. (Faculty mentor: Gary Hollis, Chemistry)

Summer Scholars Projects (2016)


  • Taylor Briese. From Roanoke to East Lansing: Charlie Thornhill and Football's "Underground Railroad". (Faculty mentor: Ivonne Wallace Fuentes, History)
  • May Pwint Thair Chu. Origin of Civilizations and Religions in Egypt and Myanmar: How do Religion and Ruling Elites Shape Each Other?  (Faculty mentor: Leslie Warden, Fine Arts)
  • Maggie Fitzgerald. Alliance and Alienation: The Dialogue between White Liberalism and Black Consciousness in the Demise of the Apartheid State. (Faculty mentor: Jesse Bucher, History)
  • Brieanah Gouveia. Slaves, Foreigners, Barbarians: Class and Ethnicity in Athenian Law and Life. (Faculty mentor: Jason Hawke, History)
  • Daniel Osborne. A Creative Collection from Brushwood, U.S.A. (Faculty mentor: Anita Turpin, English)
  • Joseph Statler. Transforming Text to Image: Illustrating a Children's Story. (Faculty mentor: Kate Shortridge, Fine Arts)

Social Sciences

  • Shannon Barter. The Socioeconomic Barriers that Limit the Use of Intrauterine Devices and other Long Acting Reversible Devices. (Faculty mentor: Lane Destro, Sociology)


  • Jacob Barfield.  Modeling the Effect of Riluzole on Bursting in Respiratory Neural Networks.  (Faculty mentor: Daniel Robb, Physics)
  • Caitlin Donahue. Development of a Glutamate Biosensor. (Faculty mentors: Tim Johann and Richard Keithley, Chemistry)
  • Abigail Hobby. Application of Sports Analytics: Efficient Forms of Offense in the Women's Soccer Game versus the Men's.  (Faculty mentor: Roland Minton, Math).
  • Rebecca Hudon. Generating a star (steroidogenic acute regulatory protein) mutant zebrafish to study human steroid deficiencies.  (Faculty mentor: Chris Lassiter, Biology)
  • Thane Jones. Thermal Self-Healing Polymers Based on the Diels-Alder Reaction. (Faculty mentor: Gary Hollis, Chemistry)
  • Hanna Lyle. Exploring the geology of Mars through analysis of Mossbauer spectroscopy data collected by NASA's Mars rovers.  (Faculty mentor: Rama Balasubramanian, Physics)

Summer Scholars Projects (2015)


  • Benjamin Cowgill. Effects of participation and denominational governance on religiosity among youth and young adults. (Faculty mentor: Ned Wisnefske, Religion/Philosophy)
  • Adam Ferguson. A sense of emotion. (Faculty mentor: Katherine Shortridge, Fine Arts)
  • Abigail Mendez. Honduras: The realities of immigration and the perilous road to the USA (Faculty mentor: José Bañuelos Montes, Modern Languages)
  • Tessa Sydnor. Representing refugee experience: Reading and researching the literature of displacement. (Faculty mentor: Virginia Stewart, English)

Social Sciences

  • Andrew Feeney. Roanoke Economic Index. (Faculty mentor: Michael Enz, Economics) 
  • Alexandra Grant. Aging and brain area measurements with MRI. (Faculty mentor: David Nichols, Psychology)
  • Emma von der Lieth. War on women: A mixed-methods analysis of sexual violence during armed conflict. (Faculty mentor: Jonathan Snow, International Relations)
  • Courtney Yoke. Bringing back the night: Examining whether time away from technology influences well-being and reflection in emerging adults (Faculty mentor: Denise Friedman, Psychology)


  • Danielle Allen. Cloning and expression of PurF from Sulfolobus solfataricus (Faculty mentor: Catherine Sarisky, Biochemistry)
  • Phillip Barbolla. Optimizing course offerings with genetic algorithms and particle swarm optimization. (Faculty mentor: Chris Lee, Mathematics)
  • Theodore Bauer. Post-burn and diversity and abundance in a sandplain forest of northern Vermont: How many years after a burn do ants return? (Faculty mentor: Valerie Banschbach, Environmental Studies)
  • Benjamin Walker. Effects of Atrazine on the development of craniofacial cartilage, skull sutures, and the heart in zebrafish (Danio rerio). (Faculty mentor: Chris Lassiter, Biology)
  • Natalie Wilkinson. Optical music recognition using hidden Markov models. (Faculty mentor: Christopher Smith, Computer Science)

Summer Scholars Projects (2014)

  • Alex Berryman,working with Dr. Lane Destro on "Managing Transportation and Economic Volatility:  What Can Policymakers Learn from Rural Families?"
  • Sara Dorrance, working with Dr. Denise Friedman on "Well Being in Digital Natives:  Examining the Roles of Cell Phone Addiction and Time Away Interventions."
  • Eric Fagan, working with Dr. Mary Henold on "The Early Concept of Adolescence as Portrayed in Juvenile Novels at the Turn of the Twentieth Century."
  • Hayley Field, working with Dr. Meeta Mehrotra on "Exploring Adjustment Among Refugees in the Roanoke Valley."
  • Seth Fortmann, working with Dr. Chris Lassiter on "Green Fluorescent Protein Expression in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) for Detection of Estrogenic Activity in the Roanoke River."
  • Jake Norris, working with Dr. Tim Johann on "Determining the Significance of the InhA 'substrate-binding loop' in the Construction of Mycolic Acids."
  • Samantha Parsons, working with Dr. Adam Childers on "Protecting Data Confidentiality and Scientific Integrity through Synthetic Data and Mediator Servers."
  • Randall Pittman, working with Dr. Durell Bouchard on "Analyzing Performance Increase Between Python, PyCUDA, C++, and CUDA."
  • Taylor Robertson, working with Dr. John Selby on "Tragedy or Triumph?  Freedman's Bureau Education in Virginia, 1865-1869."
  • Fran Rowe, working with Dr. Kelly Anderson on "Analysis of Solid-Liquid Interactions of Near Ether Liquids and Ether-alkane Mixtures on an Implicit Gold Surface Using Monte Carlo Molecular Simulations."
  • Danielle Sekel, working with Dr. Jeff Sandborg on "The Homogenization of Bulgarian Folk Music:  Preservation of Systemic Sponsorship?"
  • Mackenzie Sullivan, working with Dr. William Brenzovich on "The Design and Development of new Chemical Reactions."
  • Ashley Wolfe, working with Dr. Leslie Murrill on "Analysis to Application:  Family Literacy Research and Execution in the Southwest Virginia Community."

Summer Scholars Projects (2013)

  • Kaitlyn Amanda Bell, working with Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva on "Code Switching: The Impact of Vocabulary Acquisition in the Bilingual Text and Development of Spanish in Young Learners"
  • Alexandra G. DeLaricheliere, working with Dr. Chad Morris on "Assessing the Influence of School Nutrition Policies and Programs on Academic and Nutritional Behavior in the Republic of Palau"
  • Katherine B. Frisch, working with Dr. Jesse Bucher on "A New South African History: Constitutional Revolution from 1910-1994"
  • Samantha A. Garst, working with Dr. Andreea Mihalache-O'Keef on "The war is over, but will they come? A panel study of FDI in countries recovering from civil conflict"
  • Jessica A. Gladfelter, working with Dr. Denise Friedman on "Because It Makes Me Feel Good: Examining the Role of Oxytocin in the Failure to Address Techno-Interruptions"
  • Katrina A. King, working with Dr. Jane Long on "The Influenced: An Analysis of the Interests of Artists and Influences of Patrons on Paintings of the Annunciation in the Italian Renaissance"
  • Rose M. Kohinke, working with Dr. Skip Brenzovich on "Palladium-Catalyzed Synthesis of New Chemical Reactions"
  • Emily K. Leimbach, working with Dr. Gordon Marsh on "Teaching Others about the Union of Poetry and Music in Art Song: Combining Analysis and Interpretation in Interactive Performances"
  • Jonathan Marino, working with Dr. Karin Saoub on "Graph Theoretical Analysis of Directed Social Networks"
  • Andrew B. Miles, working with Dr. Ned Wisnefske on "Can the Prisoner's Dilemma Solve the Problem of Enforcement in Social Contract Theory?"
  • Caroline I. Mueller, working with Dr. Elizabeth Holbrook on "Efficacy of a Cross-Country Running Program for Youth with Sensory Impairment"
  • Michelle L. Pasier, working with Dr. Cathy Sarisky on "Characterization of potential IMPDHs in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
  • Lauren E. Strong, working with Dr. Rachel Collins on "How Human Activities along the Roanoke River Effect Bird Populations"
  • Emma V. Webb, working with Dr. Alice Kassens on "Undergraduate Wellness Index: Construction and Implementation"

Summer Scholars Projects (2012)

  • Tyler Barnes, working with Dr. Chris Lassiter in Biology on "Estrogen Activity in the Roanoke River"
  • Maura Belanger, working with Dr. Cathy Sarisky in Biochemistry on "Thermococcus kodakarensis (T.k.) Plasmid Preparation for Creation of Purine Biosynthesis Knock-outs"
  • Jennie Blaney, working with Dr. Julie Lyon in Business Administration on "Measuring the Climate for Learning at Roanoke College"
  • Kendra Boyd, working with Dr. Marilee Ramesh in Biology on "Characterization of hAT Transposons in the Coprinopsis cinerea Genome"
  • David Guynn, working with Dr. Matt Fleenor in Physics on "The Influence of Galaxy-Galaxy Harassment in Galaxy Evolution Along Supercluster Filaments"
  • Alex Hawes, working with Dr. Gary Hollis in Chemistry on "The Synthesis of Novel, Highly Flourinated Derivative of 1,2,3,4-tetrakis(Pentaflourophenyl)cyclopentadien"
  • Charla Henley, working with Dr. José Bañuelos-Montes in Modern Languages on "The Economic Role of the Mexican Sweatshops: Exploitation or Saving Grace?"
  • Patrick Kohlhaas, working with Dr. Skip Brenzovich in Chemistry on "Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis of Hydroxyproline Derivatives"
  • N. Reid Mizelle, working with Dr. Brooks Crozier in Biology on "qPCR Detection of Fecal Markers for the Detection of Source-Specific Fecal Contamination"
  • Sarah Perkins, working with Dr. Lynn Talbot in Modern Languages on "El mundo desapercibido de las mujeres no reconocidas: Un estudio de la construcción de género e identidad nacional a través de la ciencia ficción escrita por las mujeres hispánicas/The Unnoticed World of Unsung Women: A Study of the Construction of Gender and National Identity through Science Fiction Written by Hispanic Women"
  • Tim Smith, working with Dr. Paul Hinlicky in Religion & Philosophy on "Filoque as Key to East-West Division and its Reconciliation"
  • John Stang, working with Dr. John Selby in History on "Fields of Iron Crosses: Community and Daily Life for Volga-German Immigrants, 1876-1900"
  • Tyler Stoneham, working with Dr. Michael Wise in Biology on "An Investigation of Hormonal Control of a Novel Plant-Resistance Trait: Defense by Ducking in Goldenrods"
  • Jonathan Thumas, working with Dr. Marwood Larson-Harris in Religion & Philosophy on "Mountain Religion and Ecology: Finding a New Perspective on Modern Shugendo Practice"
  • Connor Toomey, working with Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva in Modern Languages and Dr. Virginia Stewart in English on "Columbia: A Sociopolitical Study of Past and Present Realities Using One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez"
  • Chava Urecki, working with Dr. Chris Buchholz in Psychology on "The Development of the Tolerance for Unpredictability Scale"
  • Stephanie Vogel, working with Dr. DorothyBelle Poli in Biology on "Extraction and Ignition of Lycopodium Oils"
  • Rebecca Ward, working with Dr. Len Pysh in Biology on "The Role of Ethylene in Stem and Root Elongation of Cellulose-Deficient Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana"
  • Casey Wojtera, working with Dr. Tim Johann in Biochemistry on "Investigations of 5,10-Methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase (MTHFS) from Plasmodium falciparum"
  • Yuki Yamazaki, working with Dr. Ed Whitson in Psychology on "Assessing Cognitive Processes of Self-Actualization"

Summer Scholars Projects (2011)

  • Maggie Anderson, working with Dr. Heath Brown: The executive office of the president: Analyzing the influence on policy-making
  • Travis Andrews, working with Dr. Howard Warshawsky: Comparative health care policies in six countries
  • Marissa Barker, working with Dr. Ken McGraw and Dr. James Hargrove: Identity complex: Poetry and painting in the construction of Scotland
  • Alston Brown, working with Dr. Len Pysh: DCB and its effect on the cellulose content in the roots of maize and other members of the Poaceae family
  • Bridget Carey, working with Dr. Whitney Leeson: Archaeology in Salem: The Tanyard House
  • Virginia Cranwell, working with Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris: Telling tales in school: Oral tradition and its interaction with literature
  • Jeremy Johnson, working with Dr. Vern Miller: Bisamine boron cations from 1,4-dimethylpiperazine
  • Anne Kyner, working with Dr. Rama Balasubramanian: Investigation of Mossbauer data from the planet Mars
  • Kenny Lampert, working with Dr. Chris Lassiter: An androgen receptor: Green florescent protein construct for producing transgenic zebrafish
  • Amanda Lapham, working with Dr. Mary Henold: The collaboration and clashes between the suffrage and temperance movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Kayla Muncy, working with Dr. Tim Johann: Cloning and characterization of plamepsinX from Plasmodium falciparum
  • Bryan Piatkowski, working with Dr. DB Poli: Evolution of polar auxin transport in Bryophyte gametophytes
  • Heather Repass, working with Dr. Gerry McDermott: Freedom or bondage: Jonathan Edwards and Martin Luther on the problem of will
  • Katherine Thornton, working with Dr. Garry Fleming: The ABCs of IMF
  • Christian Weisebacher, working with Dr. Mike Heller: Legitimacy and credibility in nonviolent movements

Summer Scholars Projects (2010)

  • Sarah Ahlbrand - Phylogeography and Conservation Genetics of Etheostoma cinereum (Percidae) with emphasis on a newly rediscovered population in the Elk River, Tennessee, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Powers, Biology
  • Geoffrey Bader - Evolution of Uptake and Efflux of Auxin in Land Plant Gametophytes, Faculty Mentor: Dr. DB Poli, Biology
  • Timothy Balint - A Gesture Recognition Algorithm using OpenCV and Pybrain, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Durell Bouchard, Computer Science
  • Lydia Bickford - Analysis of the active site of 5,10-methenyltetrahydrofolate synthetase from Mycoplasma pneumoniae via mutations of polar, charged residues aspartate and lysine, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Johann, Chemistry
  • Nathan Castellano - Finding What We Want to be When We Grow Up: An Analysis of Career Change in Graduate School, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Julie Lyon, Business Administration & Economics
  • Sarah Cohen - 17-β Estradiol Causes Defects in the Craniofacial Cartilage of Danio Rerio, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Chris Lassiter, Biology
  • Lucy Crook - Beauty and the Beast: Origins, Evolutions, and Modernizations of an Age-old Narrative, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deb Selby, English
  • Ashley Dabbraccio - From Miners to Boy Scouts: A History of the Land that became Camp Powhatan, 1800-Present, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Whitney Leeson, History
  • Kelsey Daniel - The Study and Modern Interpretation of Majolica Pottery, Faculty Mentor: Mr. Scott Hardwig, Fine Arts
  • Molly Howser - "What Sways the Family Shopper:" Advertising and the Female Consumer 1955-1965 & 1965-1975, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Henold, History
  • Jessica Owens - Failure to Uphold Workers' Human Rights in Mexico: Lessons Learned from the NAFTA for the CAFTA-DR, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joshua Rubongoya, Public Affairs
  • Kaitlin Scott - Duration of Detection of Human Bacteroidetes Compared to Culturable Enterococcus in Water and Sediment, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brooks Crozier, Biology
  • Cody Sexton - Plato on Happiness, Freedom, and Individuality: A Corrective to Modern Views, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Monica Vilhauer, Philosophy
  • Kevin Smee - Expression, extraction and purification of hyperthermophilic archaeal purP proteins from Escherichia coli cell cultures, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Cathy Sarisky, Chemistry
  • Matt Tripp - Social Interactions in a Computer-Driven World: An Examination of Facebook Friendships, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Denise Greene, Psychology
  • Anne Whitesell - The Influence of Interest Groups on Federal Education Policy, Faculty Mentor: Dr. Heath Brown, Public Affairs

Summer Scholars Projects (2009)

  • Michelle Bonney, The Collapse of Ethnic Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Religious and Non-Religious Factors, with Dr. Gil Dunn
  • Matthew Browning, Exploring the Effectiveness of No Child Left Behind in Secondary Public Schools in Southwest Virginia, with Dr. Heath Brown
  • Ariel Firebaugh, Response to Pieris Herbivory Across a Nitrogen Gradient in an invasive Biennial Forest Herb Alliaria petiolata, with Dr. Rachel Collins
  • Brittany Harrison, The Old-Time Music Revival: A Musical and Cultural Observation of the Mountain Music Culture of Southwestern Virginia, with Dr. Gordon Marsh
  • Laura Jennings, Identity Politics and Maternity Leave, with Dr. Monica Vilhauer
  • Robbie Karim, Boron Compounds from Bis(2-Pyridyl)methane Synthesis of Neutral Boron Compounds from Boron Cations, with Dr. Vern Miller
  • Katherine Kurtessis, The Social and Political Evolution of Latin American Women Since Magda Portal: A Case Study of Violeta Chamorro and Carolina Maria de Jesus, with Dr. Ivonne Wallace-Fuentes
  • Michael McCloskey, The Turning Point: Russian Victory and the German Defeat at Stalingrad, with Dr. Rob Willingham
  • Matthew Potts, Compact Galaxy Groups and a Study of their Origin and Environment, with Dr. Matt Fleenor
  • Lauren Price, References and Re-constructions of History and Myth: Identity Construction and Group Mobilization Processes in the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement, with Dr. Daniel Sarabia
  • Carrie Rice, Conversion from U.S. GAAP to IFRS: How Will You Make the Change?, with Professor Norma Clifton
  • Amos Shenk, Kinematics, Physiological Load, and Perceived Effort While Walking With and Without Hiking Poles, with Dr. Matthew Rearick
  • Hannah Updike, An Adapted Screenplay of Dispatches by Michael Herr, with Dr. Robert Schultz
  • Lindsay Van Leir, Investigating Self-Awareness and Identity using Greek Tragedy, with Dr. Jennifer Berenson
  • Paul Vines, Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Using Maghemite Nanocrystals as Catalysts, with Dr. Rama Balasubramanian
  • Sydney Webb, Developing RNA Silencing Experiments in Coprinus cinereus, with Dr. Marilee Ramesh

Summer Scholars Projects (2008)

  • Christina Bankert "Abundance Patterns of Two Invasive Species in Southwestern Virginia and Implications for Conservation," with Dr. Rachel Collins, Biology
  • Julie Bass "Fathers as Primary Caregivers: A Study on the Benefits, Challenges, and Resources," with Dr. Kristi Hoffman, Sociology
  • Anne Michael Brown "Identification and Characterization of Promoters for Genes Involved with Purine Biosynthesis in Archaea Species," with Dr. Catherine Sarisky, Chemistry
  • Jesse Dice "Social Value Orientations and their Connections/Applications to the Tragedy of the Commons Social Dilemma," with Dr. Curt Camac, Psychology
  • Megan Kathleen Drohan "The Evolving Format of Manuscript Versus Printed Kingly Lineages (1470-1554)," with Dr. David Scaer, Foreign Language.
  • Virginia Anne Hagood "The Effects of Cellulose Deficiency on the Expression of Genes Involved in Lignin Synthesis," with Dr. Leonard Pysh, Biology
  • Kimberly K. Hughes "Views on Homosexuality in the Congregation: An Analysis of Social Solidarity," with Dr. Gil Dunn, Sociology
  • Sara Lloyd "The Woman Question: Madness in 19th Century Literature," with Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris, English.
  • Mark C. Lucas "The Evolution of Swarm Intelligence," with Dr. Jeffrey Spielman, Math, Computer Science, and Physics
  • Jonathan Todd Murrill "Uncovering the Quality of Inner Light in Cezanne's Paintings of Mount Sainte-Victoire," with Professor Katherine Shortridge, Fine Arts.
  • Steven Nunnally "Evaluating Input Devices for Virtual Environment," with Dr. Stephen Hughes, Math, Computer Science, and Physics
  • Timothy Price-O'Brien "Non-Tax Revenue Sources: Searching for Effective Sources that the Public Will Support," with Dr. Heath Brown, Public Affairs
  • Joseph Shea "Topology of Sustainability: A Dynamic Approach to Agricultural Systems," with Dr. Brent Adkins, Religion and Philosophy, and Dr. Jon Cawley, Biology

Summer Scholars Projects (2007)

  • Kelly Bowen, Chemistry: "The Study of the Third and Fourth Strands of the G-Beta 1 Protein and their Contribution to the Overall Structure of the Protein," with Dr. Catherine Sarinsky
  • Casey Nicole Gearheart, Mathematics: "Success in Introductory Mathematics and Statistics: A prediction based on multivariate and logistic regression," with Dr. Patches Johnson
  • Peggy Harnos, Chemistry: "Participation of Acetone-d6 in the Borane Exchange Reaction Involving Dimethylpiperazine," with Dr. Vernon Miller
  • Maura MacDonald, English: "Modern Expressions of Traditional Fairytales," with Dr. Dana-Linn Whiteside
  • Christina Perry, Political Science: "The Onus of the Black Republican: Racial Identity, Party Allegiance, and Crossover Voting," with Dr. Heath Brown
  • Andrew Placona, History: "Travels Through Time: Shifting Western Perceptions of the Middle East," with Dr. Rob Willingham
  • Crista Brooks Reed, English: "Food and Literature or Reads Delicious," with Dr. Mike Heller
  • Amanda Smolinsky, Biology: "Effects of Androgens and Anti-androgens on Hormone Pathways in Zebrafish," with Dr. Christopher Lassiter
  • Jeremy Stegall, Chemistry: "Synthesis, Purification, and Identification of a Highly Fluorinated Dendrimer," with Dr. Gary Hollis
  • Alexander Stone Moore, Physics: "Construction of a Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectrometer; and, the Application of Conversion Electron Mossbauer Spectroscopy in the Analysis of Marine Corrosion Processes," with Dr. Richard Grant
  • Heather Renee Studebaker, Biology: "Genetic Analysis of Cellulose Synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana," with Dr. Len Pysh

Summer Scholars Projects (2006)

  • Miroslav Batka (Economics, Dr. Darryl Lowry)
    The Political Economy of the Reforms in Slovakia, 2002 - 2006
  • Ashley Lauren Gilliam (English, Dr. Paul Hanstedt)
    Jane Austen and Emma: The Significance of Socially Marginal Heroines
  • Lauren R. Harrison (English, Dr. Virginia Stewart)
    Going Back to Get It: Sankofa and Black Cultural Identity in Fiction and Life
  • Gregory William Hess (Education, Health and Human Performance, Dr. Matt Rearick)
    Shoulder Fatigue in Adolescent Baseball Pitchers: An Examination of Time to Recovery
  • Lien-Thanh Kratzke (Biology, Dr. Christopher Lassiter)
    Normal and Hormonally Induced Expression of Androgen Receptors in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
  • David Myer (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
    Mathematical Ranking Systems
  • Megan N. Poore (Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac)
    The Relationship Between Social Value Orientation and Cognition as Measured by an Implicit Association Test
  • Adriana Quiros (International Relations, Dr. Howard Warshawsky)
    The Role of International Humanitarian Organizations in Global Human Rights: United Nations and Amnesty International
  • Hampton Smith (Computer Science, Dr. Adrienne Bloss)
    Portability of Natural Language Database Interfaces
  • Amanda M. Strutner (Chemistry, Dr. Adele Addington)
  • Kathryn Kelly Vernon (Art History, Dr. Jane Long)
    The Spread of Caravaggio's Influence in Northern Europe in the Seventeenth Century
  • Richard Allen Warren Jr. (History, Dr. John Selby)
    Honoring the Forgotten: The History and Future of East Hill Cemetery, North
  • Jessica Young (Computer Science, Dr. Stephen Hughes)
    Visual Queries for Fuzzy Data Sets
  • Laura Cassels (Physics, Dr. Richard Grant)
    Characterizing the Iron Oxides Found in the Corrosion Products of the USS Monitor using Low Temperature MössBauer Spectroscopy

Summer Scholars Projects (2005)

  • Nida Ansari
    Revising and Expanding the Merton Thesis: Radical Monotheism and the Rise of Science
  • Jake Bennett (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
    The Mathematics of a Tennis Serve
  • Kimberly Berndsen ( Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
    Analysis of a Helicase- Dependent Isotherman DNA Replication Process for Use with the THO1 Short Tandem Repeat
  • Matt Bryant
    Hydrostatic Pressure Distribution in the Gill Chamber of the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus
  • Laura Cassels (Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics, Dr. Richard Grant)
    Identification of Nanophase Akaganeite in Corrosion Products
  • Mathew Cleveland
    Maxiaml Snakes in d-Dimensional Hypercubes
  • Aaron Cook (Public Affairs, Dr. Harry Wilson)
    Is the Media Biased? A Study of Gun Control Coverage in the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" in 2002-2004
  • Garrett Cosenza (Biology, Dr. Leonard Pysh)
    Root-specific Ethylene Mutations in Arabidopsis Thanliana and the Determination of Cell Shape
  • Tony Georgetti (Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac)
    In all Fairness: A Psychological Overview of Justice and Fairness
  • Linda Ann Harris
    Squeezing Words from Life: a Study of Family Literature
  • Tomasz Jemczura
    The Essence and Reality of the Sarbanes- Oxley Act
  • William Lancaster
    Diel Variations in Mason Creek, Roanoke County, VA
  • Ben Lawler
    Diels-Alder Chemistry of a Highly Fluorinated Cyclopentadienone Derivative
  • Samantha Martin (Psychology, Dr. Christopher Buchholz)
    Using Physiological Arousal and Sensation Seeking to Examine the Relationship Between Music and Personality [Researched and Designed, Survey to be Given in Late 2005?]
  • Mathew Miller (Physics, Dr. Richard Grant)
    Project Nanophase Hematite
  • Stephen Quinn (Biology, Dr. J. Brooks Crozier)
    Evaluation of a Molecular Microbrial Source Tracking Method for the Detection of Salmonella in Surface Water
  • Marina Salama (Biology)
    Microbial Source Tracking of Escherichia Coli by TGCE Analysis
  • Christopher Smith (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
    The Channel Assignment Problem in 3-Dimensions
  • Bridget Tainer (International Relations, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya)
    An Examination of Human Rights and Human Dignity in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Beth Tucker & Alissa Gadpaille (Chemistry, Dr. Jack Steehler)
    Developing Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation to Monitor Substrate Deposition
  • Mason Vines (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
    Upper Bound on Delta 1 for Optimal Channel Assignments of the Cellular Grid
  • Jason Wolfe
    Equilibrium Constant of Bromothymol Blue
  • Jessica Young (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
    Using PHP and MySQL to Create a Dynamic Portal

Summer Scholars Projects (2004)

  • Amanda Bostick (Chemistry, Dr. Vernon Miller)
    A Study of Boric Acid Esters Using NMR Spectroscopy and CAChe Molecular Modeling
  • Mike Cashin (Chemistry, Dr. Adele Addington)
    Comparative Molecular Modeling: Comparing Binding Characteristics of Fluoromethyl Ketone and Diazomethyl Ketone Inhibitors in Caspase-3 Versus Cathespin B
  • Adam Hankins (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Hans Zorn)
    Complexity, Simplicity, Goodness and Knowledge in Ontological Equivocity
  • Angela Hinlicky (Biology, Dr. J. Brooks Crozier)
    Suitability of Using Type 1 Fimbrial Gene Differences in Escherichia Coli as a Bacterial Source Tracking Method
  • Hanna Hughes (Sociology, Dr. Greg Weiss)
    Exploring the Healthcare System of the U.S.: with an Emphasis on Alternative Medicine
  • Maria Kulp (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Brent Adkins)
    Tomas, Tereza, and the Body-subject: Resolving Bodily Tension in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"
  • Jessica McCluney (Biology, Dr. Melissa Booth)
    NasA Gene Expression in Marine Hetertrophic Bacteria: Molecular Techniques to an Ecological Approach
  • Jessica Montfort (English, Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris)
    Gender vs. Genre: a Study of Medieval Spirituality In and Out of Its Social Context
  • Audra Quesenberry (History, Dr. Suzanne Schadl)
    "Elections are not, in the current conditions, the road to democratic change": Zapatista Criticism of the Mexican Electoral Process and the National Democratic Convention
  • Ashley Rowe (Computer Science, Dr. Chris Lee)
    Linear Programming and the Transportation Problem: Theory and Applications
  • William Scott (Mathematics, computer science and physics, Dr. Anil Shende)
    Empirical Work on Optimal Channel Assignments for Cellular and Square Wireless Networks
  • Jessica Simmers (Biology, Dr. Leonard Pysh)
    Cell Shape Determination: Location, Expression, and Function of SABRE in Arabidopsis Thaliana
  • Bridget Tainer (International Relations, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya)
    The Implementation of Human Rights Policies in Ghana

Summer Scholars Projects (2003)

  • Pam Armata (Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende)
    Spatial Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
  • Marcus Cleveland (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
    From Mandelbrot to Julia: Properties of the Complex Function f[z]=z squared + c
  • Brandy Collier (Sociology, Dr. Laura O'Toole)
    A Comparative Analysis of Community Characteristics in Traditional Ghanaian Villages and "Intentional Communities" in the United States
  • Patrick Fitzgibbon (Music, Dr. Gordon Marsh)
    Computer-assisted Composition: MIDI Sequencing as a Creative Vehicle
  • Carolyn González (Spanish, Dr. Charlene Kalinoski)
    El Legado de la Malinche y la Virgen de Guadalupe: Neuvas Interpretaciones, Viejas Controversias
  • Megan Hemp (Psychology, Dr. Jan Lynch)
    Physical and Relational Aggression: Social Information Processing Deficits or Psychopathology?
  • Adria Mannon (Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
    Detecting the Presence of Capsaicin: a Field Test, Collection Method, and Lab Technique
  • Daniel Milz (Environmental Science, Dr. Jon Cawley)
    Tree Ring Analysis of Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) for Climate Reconstruction at Mountain Lake, Virginia
  • Robert Morris (Dr. Keith Cartwright)
    Colonialism, Ghanaian National Identity, and the Early Novels of Ayi Kwei Armah
  • Toshia Najar
    Explicit and Implicit Memory: Two Different Systems?
  • Marina Salama (Biology, Dr. J. Brooks Crozier)
    Viability and Transport of Escherichia Coli in a River Environment
  • Eric Seelbach
    The Arkansaw Bear: Conceptualizing, Designing, and realizing a Summer Theatre Production
  • Megan Via (Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
    Field Test Development for Identifying O-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (CS Tear Gas), Omega-chloracetophenone (CN Tear Gas), and Mace Brand Defense Spray
  • Heidi Weddle
    Feminist Responses to Patriarchy and Authoritarianism Presented in Latin American Literature
  • James Willis, III (Theology, Dr. Paul Hinlicky)
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer: German Pastor, Theologian, and Martyr
  • Michael Wolter (Chemistry, Dr. Gary Hollis, Jr.)
    The Synthesis, Purification, and Characterization of Several Highly-fluorinated 1,1'-Bis (Tetrafluoropyridyl) Ferrocene Derivatives
  • Jessica Worsham
    Equilibrium Constant of an Indicator
  • Jenna Zamesnik (History, Dr. John Selby)
    Tutti Abbiamo il Diritto: Detroit's Italians and the Public School Amendments of 1920 and 1924

Summer Scholars Projects (2002)

  • Daisy Ball (Sociology, Dr. Kristi Hoffman)
    Welfare Reform and Policy: a Qualitative Analysis
  • James Bennett (Philosophy, Dr. Jennifer Maclean)
    Copyright and Common Good: the Philosophy of Intellectual Property in the New Millenium
  • Chris Brothers (Computer Science, Dr. Adrienne Bloss)
    UPortal: A 'Pocket-Sized' Version of the Campus Web
  • Chris Berndsen and Michael Cinkala (Biology, Dr. David Gardner)
    Cellular Adhesion
  • Ashley Clemmer (Fine Arts, Dr. Scott Hardwig)
    [Untitled : About Faces in Sculpture vs. Faces in Abstract Oil Paintings]
  • Hanan Danche (Physics, Dr. Nasser Barghouty)
    Islamic Works in the Sciences and Mathematics
  • Kachina Domenick (English, Dr. Melanie Almeder)
    Clarifying Identity through Landscape within Contemporary American Fiction
  • Ben Hosp (Mathematics, Dr. Roland Minton)
    A Computer Simulation Study of Strategies in the Prisoner's Dilemma Game
  • Houston Johnson (Religion and Philosophy, Dr. Ned Wisnefsky)
    Hiroshima: the Ethics of a Nuclear Event
  • Anna Minor (Religion, Dr. Paul Hinlicky)
    The Primacy of the Gospel in the Early Catholic Church
  • Kelsey Quillen (English, Dr. Thomas Carter)
    The Role of a Free Press in a Democracy during Wartime
  • Jessica Sower (Fine Arts, Dr. Jane Long)
    Caillebotte and Degas: Odd Men Out in Impressionism
  • Allyson Wahlgren (Psychology, Dr. Gildino Pranzarone)
    Psychoneuroimmunology: a Literature Review of the Effects of Stress on the Immune System
  • Jonathan Winesett (Biology, Dr. Robert Jenkins)
    Trophic Aspects of the Sicklefin Redhorse Sucker (Pisces, Catostomidae)
  • Michael Wolter (Chemistry, Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
    DNA Extraction and Analysis from Buccal (Cheek) Cells

Summer Scholars Projects (2001)

  • Lyndsey Baker (Fine Arts, Dr. Gordon Marsh)
    Song Cycle as Genre in the 21st Century: Towards an Aesthetic Statement
  • Nina Barzachka (International Relations, Dr. Howard Warshawsky)
    Human Rights Record as a Criterion for Membership in the European Union
  • Elizabeth Brown (Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac)
    Shyness: Measures, Causes and Correlates of Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Meg Collins (International Relations, Dr. Susan Millinger)
    The Importance of Face in Chinese Politics
  • Christy Fagg (Biology, Dr. Len Pysh)
    The Determination of Cell Shape in Arabidopsis Thaliana
  • Julia Freeman (Fine Arts, Professor Scott Hardwig)
    Woven String Environments
  • Jodi Godbout (Health and Human Performance, Professor James Buriak)
    Jump Now, Play Later: Plyometric Training to Improve the Biomechanics of Jumping and Landing
  • Molly Golladay (Physics, Dr. Nasser Barghouty)
    Hamiltonian Chaos in the Egg Crate Potential
  • Goo-Syl Han (Biology, Dr. Jorge Santiago-Blay)
    The Flora and Community Ecology of Two Jurassic Lithographic Limestone Formations in North America
  • Vanessa Raby (History, Dr. Whitney Leeson)
    Archaelogical Field Work at Jefferson's Poplar Forest
  • Ericka Umbarger (Sociology, Dr. Kristi Hoffman)
    Attitudes Towards Women's Roles during War: Qualitative Analysis of World War II and the Persian Gulf War
  • Amber Wood (Political Science, Dr. C. William Hill)
    Fulfillment of Campaign Promises and Trust in Government

Summer Scholars Projects (2000)

  • Helen R. Colosimo, Poli/Cjus/Soci, Dr. Hartley
    Dispute Resolution Systems on College/University Campuses in Virginia
  • Laurel Derr, Psychology, Dr. Mary Camac
    False Memories and the Mood Congruency Effect
  • Susan L. Doyle, Chemistry, Dr. Jack Steehler
    Fiber Optic Biosensors
  • Caleb Kroll, Chemistry, Dr. Gary Hollis
    A Study of the Reactivity of Ferrocene Subunits in Novel Organometallic Polymers
  • Ann M. Meyers, Physical Education, Dr. Brian Bolt
    The Next Nadia: Exploring the Phenomenon of Youth Sports in America through the Dreams of Young Gymnasts
  • Philippe Moore, Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende
    An Interactive System for Scheduling Under Constraints
  • Jennifer K. Sember, Education/Physical Education, Dr. Leslie Murrill
    A Look Toward the Future of Curriculum Development in Virginia’s Public Schools
  • Sarah Teitt, International Relations, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya
    The Prospect for Democracy in Latin America in the 21st Century
  • Maury Vines, Biology, Dr. Leonard Pysh
    The Role of the LEIR10 Gene in Root Cell Shape
  • Andrea Zaccardi, Sociology, Dr. Gil Dunn and Dr. Florinda Ruiz
    An Analysis of the Sociological and Cultural Aspects of Bullfighting in Spain in the 21st Century

Summer Scholars Projects (1999)

  • Melanie Allred - History and Sociology [Archeology] (Dr. Whitney Leeson)
    Title: Historic Archaeology in Southwestern Virginia
  • Jonathan Cox -- English (Dr. Bobbye Au)
    Title: Reconciliation of Time: A Spiritualization of the American Dream in the Works of William Faulkner
  • Darren Griffis - English (Dr. Virginia Stewart)
    Title: Tradition, Mythology, and Cultural Identity in Leslie Marmon Silko
  • David Hansen - Religion and Philosophy (Dr. Gerald McDermott)
    Title: Early Church Theologians and The Salvation of Non-Christians
  • Rebecca Hanson - Religion and Philosophy (Dr. Ned Wisnefske)
    Title: The Tanzanian Christian: Christian Doctrinal Issues and Traditional African Belief
  • Timothy Leitzke - History (Dr. Susan Millinger)
    Title: Looking at Life in Medieval Russia
  • Erin Mulcahy - Biology (Dr. David Gardner)
    Title: Experimental Analysis of N-Cadherin in the Metastasis of Chondrosarcomas
  • Cheree Perdue - Education/Physical Education [Phys. Ed.] (Mr. Jim Buriak)
    Title: Closed Kinetic Chain Exercises in Rehabilitation Protocols
  • Yulia Romaniuk - MCSP [Mathematics] (Dr. Chris Lee)
    Title: The Golden Ratio: Mathematics in the Visual Arts and Architecture, And Our Perceptions of Beauty
  • Jennifer Runyon - Chemistry (Dr. Jack Steehler)
    Title: Trace Metals in the Roanoke River Watershed
  • Karl Scheidt - MCSP [Computer Science] (Dr. Anil Shende)
    Title: Patterns of Snakes in Even-dimensional Hypercubes
  • Carolyn White -- English and History (Drs. K. Hoffman & Gibbs)
    Title: Gender and the Development of Thomas More's Catholic Theology
  • Molly Zigler - Chemistry (Dr. Benjamin Huddle)
    Title: Computer Modeling of Martian Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Paris Butler - Biology (Dr. Len Pysh)
    Title: Molecular and Genetic Analysis of Cell Shape Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • Joel Gill -- Fine Arts (Dr. John Brust)
    Title: The "70's Figures as Painted Icons

Summer Scholars Projects (1998)

  • Rebecca D. Dillon, Fine Arts, Prof. Eliz Heil
    "Exploring Social Issues: A Photographic Documentation"
  • Brenda J. Drinkwine, Chemistry, Dr. Gary Hollis
    "The Intramolecular Arene-Olefin Photocycloaddition of Boron-Substituted Alkenes: Synthesis and Characterization of Requisite Starting Compounds"
  • Sarah J. Elvey, Sociology, Dr. Marvin Pippert
    "Sexual Assault on Campus: Implications and Recommendations for Colleges and Universities"
  • Heidi M. Hanrahan, English, Dr. Paul Hanstedt
    "That Inferior Men May Learn to Feel On: Reason and Emotion in the Works of Dickens and Barrett Browning"
  • Shana H. Harris, English, Dr. Anita Turpin
    "Seeking a Well-Rounded Education: A Study of Racial Diversity in Virginia's Private Colleges"
  • Sean P. Hatter, Fine Arts, Prof. Scott Hardwig
    "Study in Three-Dimensional Portraiture"
  • Joe G. Kirby IV, Business, Dr. Lissa Gilster
    "Learning to Consume: The Experiences of Local Immigrants"
  • Jeremy Mullendore, Computer Science, Dr. Anil Shende
    "Practical Considerations on the k-Server Problem"
  • Tovah J. Nunez, Theatre, Dr. Carol Schafer
    "Shakespeare at the Millenium"
  • Amber L Proffitt, History, Dr. Mark Miller
    "'In the 1930's I got married and had three children and moved twice; that was a busy time for me:' Salem Women and the Great Depression"
  • Robin M. Pugh, Philosophy, Dr. Hans Zorn
    "An Analysis of the Philosophical Foundations for Human Rights"
  • Melissa M. Schaekel, Biology, Dr. David Gardner
    "An Examination of the Adhesive Responses of Chick Embryonic Cells to Retinoic Acid and the role of Adhesion in Embryonic Development"
  • Patrick P. Slaven, Religion, Dr. Jennifer Maclean
    "John and the Sacraments"
  • Crystal L. Stephan, Psychology, Dr. Curt Camac
    "Social Dilemmas: Can Persuasion Techniques Increase Cooperation?"

Summer Scholars Projects (1997)

  • Sena Bender, Music (Weinstein)
    "Varying Methods of Music Education"
  • Amy R. Dresher, Psychology (Carpenter)
    "Residential Group Homes for Children and Adolescents: A Descriptive Study"
  • Daniel J. Gardner, Economics (Lowry)
    "An Economic Model: Taking an Unbiased Look at Current Medicare Proposals and Their Effects"
  • James P. Guthrie, History (Millinger)
    "The Influence of Buddhism on Japanese Government and Imperial Court Life"
  • Rick Pingry, Computer Science (Shende)
    "Algorithms and Data Types for Computer-Generated 3D Animation"
  • Chris Porter, English (Hanstedt)
    "Voices of Uncertainty: A Study in Writing Fiction"
  • John Paul Roop, Math (Ingram)
    "Cryptography as an Application of Number Theory"
  • Jacqueline Spangler, Foreign Languages (Ruiz)
    "A Study of the Early Stages of Second-Language Acquisition"
  • Derek Wolfe, Chemistry (Hollis)
    "Reactions of Trialkylboranes with Nitrile Oxides: A Novel Ketone Synthesis"
  • Jesse P. Wolf, Fine Arts (Heil)
    "Exploration in Digital Art"
  • Patrick Wood, Religion/Philosophy (McDermott)
    "Satan as the Embodiment of Evil in the Thought of John Calvin & Jonathan Edwards"
  • Sarah Wood, English (Au)
    "Changes: A Slumber-Party Anthology for Girls"
  • Susan L. Wallace, Sociology/Education (Weise & Murrill)
    "What Went Right? Female Physicians' Perspectives on Gender Bias in Education"

Summer Scholars Projects (1996)

  • Elizabeth Bennett "Celtic Influences on-King Arthur"
    Advisor: Dr. Jim Ogier
  • Tania L. Conner "Song Recognition by the Northern Mockingbird, Mimus polyglottis"
    Advisor: Dr. Gene Grubitz
  • Paul Matthew Droubay "American Social Insurance: Exploring Solutions to the Social Security Dilemma"
    Advisor: Dr. Darryl Lowry
  • Michael Edwards: "Pressure Fluctuations, Viscosity, and Brownian Motion"
    Advisor: Dr. Frank Munley
  • Marcie Flinchum: "Individual Learning Styles"
    Advisor: Dr. Ronda Carpenter
  • Rebekeh Genslen "The Transcription of Andrea Gabrieli's Cantiones Sacrae into Modern Notation"
    Advisor: Dr. Jeff Sandborg
  • Ben Goodman-Dalton: "A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis of the Secularization Thesis"
    Advisor: Dr. Gil Dunn
  • Maura P. Hanlom "The Effect of Behavioral Science Courses on Physicians' Levels of Empathy and Its Impact on the Doctor-Patient Relationship"
    Advisor: Dr. Curt Camac
  • David Scott Hudson: "The Theological Significance of the Historical Jesus Quest"
    Advisors: Dr. Iain Maclean and Dr. Ned Wlsnefske
  • Laura Jacobsen: "Exploring Fuzzy Regression Analysis"
    Advisor: Dr. Jeff Spielman
  • Travis McGuire: "Internal/External-Processes and Relationships"
    Advisor: Prof. Scott Hardwig
  • Christine Tobin: "A Private Evolution: The Poetry of Change"
    Advisor: Dr. Mike Heller
  • Sara Turnauer "The Effect of Putative Morphogenic Compounds on Adhesion of Chick Embryo Cells"
    Advisor: Dr. David Gardner

Summer Scholars Projects (1995)

  • Aaron Aude, D. Jorgensen (Biol)
    Cardiac Output During Times of Pedal Locomotion in the American Lobster
  • Diane Eaine Balderston, L. Warren (TArt)
    The Actor's Instrument: A Study of Movement and Mask Theory for Actor Training
  • Sharon Cox Brockman, M. Hakkenberg (Hist)
    Negotiating Power: Female Rulers in Early Modern Europe
  • Rebecca Childers, J. Ogier (For. Lang.)
    A Comparative Linguistic and Cultural Approach to Studying the Indo-European System of Deities
  • Marcelte Crickenberger, M. Heller (Engl)
    Bodies and Souls in Transition: Writing Short Fiction
  • Michael Fadorick, G. Weiss (Soci)
    A Comparison of the Health Belief Model and the Fishbein/Azjen Theory of Reasoned Action
  • Susan Foster, M. & C. Camac (Psych)
    Testing the Validity of Expressive Therapy
  • Cathleen Erin Gallagher, C. Kalinoski (For. Lang.)
    The Spanish Golden Age: A Resource Manual
  • Diana Gilbert, J. Buriak (Phys. Ed.)
    Post-operative Comparative Study of Autografts versus Allografts
  • Leslie Jane Johnson, B. Au (Engl)
    Words to Live By: Research and Field Work in Appalachian Culture
  • Christina Peyton, V. Miller (Chem)
    Investigations of Intermediate Compounds in Reactions of Boric Acids with Alcohols
  • John Edwin Smith, Jr., V. Stewart (Engl)
    Canonization in the Twentieth Century: Literature Written by American Minorities
  • Karen R. St. Clair, R. Carpenter (Psych)
    Detecting Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Teacher Ratings and Expectations

Summer Scholars Projects (1994)

  • Jeff Busche, K. Adkisson (Biol)
    Hybridization and Introgression in Two Species of Minnow: Exoglossum laurae and IL maxiliineua.
  • Terri Cobb, M. Miller (Hist)
    Law and Order in Roanoke County in the Late Nineteenth Century
  • Jennifer DeFord, A. Windholz (Engl)
    "The old order changeth, yielding place to new": Arthurian Legend and Victorian Nationalism
  • Mark Kellogg, J. Brust (Art)
    A Visual Interpretation of the I Ching
  • J. J. Maybury, Ingrain & Bloss (CpSc)
    Neural Networks (Computer Programs with Intelligence?)
  • Jennifer Mullin, B. Huddle (Chem)
    Using HyperChem to Calculate Thermodynamic and Kinetic Parameters
  • Michelle Poret, C. Camac (Psych)
    Analysis and Refinement of a Scale Measuring Individual Perceptions
  • Nick Regiacorte, C. Murphy (Engl)
    Defining Poetics and Directing my Craft
  • Lori Schwehr, F. Munley (Phys)
    Specific Heats of Elements in the Liquid State
  • Lynn Schwehr, L. Lynch (BuAd)
    Bankruptcy Prediction
  • Tina Trenor, G. Grubitz (Biol)
    Responses of Carolina Wrens to Song Imitations by Northern Mockingbirds
  • Larry Vernon, B. Hill (PoliSci)
    The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act: A Study of Interest Groups and Public Policy
  • Stephanie Wright, B. Stauffer (BuAd)
    Prospectives and Interpretations of Federal Reserve Monetary Policy by Business Journalists and the Financial Press