Each year Roanoke College builds a house with Habitat for Humanity for a family in need in the Roanoke Valley. During orientation, the incoming students get to participate in building the "R-House." Stationed on campus, behind Olin Hall, the house is constructed on a raised platform. Students receive hands on experience, anything from raising the walls to hammering down the roof sheathing.

As students participate in the construction of the home, they also will benefit from working directly with the family that will be moving into the home once construction is complete. The experience of meeting and becoming acquainted with the family makes the experience more valuable for the students as they see the outcome of their hard work. After orientation is over and the framing is complete, the house is then relocated to its final destination. At the permanent site of the house, students continue work to finish the house until completion.


R-House 2011
R-House 2010


R-House 2009
R-House video