Parent Leadership Council

The Goal: Enhanced education through Advocacy, Advisement, and Philanthropy.

  • Advocacy: Parent Leadership Council members are ambassadors for the College. They represent Roanoke College to prospective students and families. They encourage the success of students after graduation through participation in career development programs. They host events for the Roanoke College community and look for opportunities to participate in College events on and off-campus.
  • Advertisement: Council members meet twice a year to learn about the College’s activities, policies, programs, concerns, and plans for future development. In turn, the Council provides parents with a way to share their observations, suggestions, or concerns about the College and its programs, plans, and student life issues.
  • Philanthropy: Council members make impactful annual gifts at the Associate's Society level (suggested amount of $1,000 or more) to support Roanoke College priorities.

For more information, please contact:

Teresa Quinn, Associate Director of Volunteer Relations

Family Weekend

The PLC hosts a parents reception during Family Weekend

Terrill Family

“Our daughter, Nora, is full of energy and ambition to learn and grow. As parents, we were concerned that her chosen college might try to rein in this beautiful energy. Roanoke College has instead channeled it into something even more special. With the close faculty connections and countless opportunities to become involved outside of the classroom, Nora is making a home for herself. Her parents had much the same experience with the college many years ago and we are thrilled to see it come alive again with our daughter. Our family is so grateful to call Roanoke College home.”

Greg '94 and Nicole '95 Terrill 
PLC Co-chairs 2022-2023
Parents of Nora '24


  • Learn about the College’s activities, policies, programs, concerns, and plans for future development.
  • Serve as an ambassador of Roanoke College, both on campus and in your local community.
  • Attend council meetings twice a year. The fall meeting is held on campus and coincides with Family Weekend. The spring meeting is held in February via Zoom.
  • Take an active role in helping the College reach its annual fundraising goal by making a gift to the College.
  • Participate in regional receptions in selected areas.