Upload ID Photo

New students and employees can submit a photo to be used as their Maroon Card image. Send us your best shot and we’ll get your Maroon Card ready.  Photos from your phone or device should work.

Upload Your Photo For Your Maroon Card

  1. Login to Your Maroon Card Account
  2. Click "Profile"
  3. Then "Click to submit a new photo"

Maroon Card Login


  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward
  • Photos from smart phones and most devices will work
  • JPEG, PNG, or GIF
  • Plain, light colored background (no patterns or textures) with good lighting
  • Recent photos only.
  • Face and shoulders facing forward. Leave space around your head. 
  • Eyes open, look at the camera
  • No hands, objects, hats or other people within image (religious head coverings are acceptable)
  • Color image, in focus, without any added effects
  • Do not crop (there's an opportunity to crop once uploaded)
  • If the photo appears horizontal, software will rotate it
Sample ID Photo

The Following Photos Will Not Be Accepted:

Sample Photo Id Bad Angle WRONG

Face front and center. No side view or glamour angles.

Sample Photo Id BlurryWRONG

High quality photo. Not blurry or grainy

Sample Photo with HeadwareWRONG

Make sure your face is fully visible. No eye, head, or faceware.

Sample Photo Id Bad BackgroundWRONG

Plain and light-colored background. No backgrounds, clutter or other people.

Sample Photo Id ProfileWRONG

Face the camera, no side or profile views.

Sample Photo Id TextWRONG

No text, emoticons, or other people.