Center Fellows


The Benne Center Fellows for 2016-2017 will: 

  • In the fall, meet the year's Fellows over a dinner at the Director's home.
  • Meet personally the speakers that the Benne Center brings to campus.   
  • Have dinner at least once a year with faculty in the President's Dining Room to talk about faith and learning.  
  • As agreed with the Center Director, complete one short project during the year to contribute to the work of the Benne Center. This could be, for example, updating a portion of the Center web site, indexing a book published by the Center, or writing for Center publication...  
  • Request for their personal use, up to $100 worth of books of their choice related to the purpose of the Center. 
  • Have first notice of possible conference travel scholarships.  
  • Receive a $400 grant from the Center.  
  • Be able to list this prestigious affiliation on applications and resumes.

Applications are due to by April 5 to begin the fellowship year the following fall. Applicants should state their current year, major, and GPA, evidence of their common interests with the work of the Center, and how they would like to contribute to it. Invited interviews to follow. 

For additional information about the Benne Center visit