Center for Studying Structures of Race

The Center for Studying Structures of Race, based in a renovated slave quarters that adjoins Roanoke College’s campus, invokes the historical significance of the slave quarters as a physical structure, while drawing comparisons to other structures at Roanoke College that are connected to the legacies of slavery and institutional racism.  The center emphasizes the necessity of examining forms of structural racism in local, national, and international contexts.  As such, the center will form a nationally distinctive and intellectually rigorous venue for teaching, research, and community engagement about structural racism.  The Center will expand opportunities for student instruction, open up space for collaborative research projects between faculty and students, and further develop community connections in the Roanoke Valley and the state of Virginia.

Roanoke College to honor enslaved laborers who helped build early College buildings

At an April 8 ceremony, the College will unveil commemorative plaques on the Administration Building, the oldest and most prominent building on campus.

Bucher pens opinion piece on importance of honoring enslaved laborers

Read Dr. Jesse Bucher's opinion piece on the College's commemoration of the role enslaved persons played in the early days of Roanoke College.

William Burton Binnie discusses his painting "The Vine that Ate the South” as part of the ‘On the Arts’ research project at the Center for Studying Structures of Race.  Binnie’s painting is currently on display in the Olin Hall Galleries.

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