Maurice Berger Memorial Archive and Library

The Maurice Berger Memorial Archive and Library is a collection of advertising, photographs, ephemera, household items, consumer goods, organizational and personal papers, and other objects that reveal the myriad ways in which racism has been produced and reproduced within American culture. Named in honor of the art historian, curator, and critic Maurice Berger, the collection exists as a platform for research, teaching, and learning about the material history of systemic racism. The archive's mission is to utilize object-based learning to encourage critical, creative, and conceptual thinking about the history of race and asks researchers to make connections between past and contemporary forms of structural racism. Student researchers are involved in all aspects of the archive’s management including material handling and processing, inventorying, researching and writing catalog descriptions, photographing and scanning items, and assembling digital databases. The archive includes the following sub-collections: United Daughters of the Confederacy, Lost Cause, Black Americana, and the Effie Combs Papers. The Maurice Berger Archive and Library is located in Fintel Library, room 285.

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Maurice Berger Memoriam