Scholarship Bulletin Board

The Financial Office receives information throughout the year from sponsors of scholarships from sources outside of the College. When available, we will provide links to sponsor websites where you can find application information and other details. The Financial Aid Office will update this page as we receive new information. Please note that deadlines vary. We encourage you to check back periodically as sponsors will update information for the most current application period. We hope you will find this to be a helpful resource as you seek ways to help you pay for College.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you may contact the Financial Aid Office at 540 375-2235 or 800 200-9221.

Scholarship List:

Aaron J. Boria Scholarship

ABC Fundraising Scholarship

Abels & Annes, P.C. Scholarship Essay Contest

Able Moving Scholarship Award

Adept Golf Scholarship Program

Adore Me Scholarship

Advocates Law Scholarship

Alarm Systems Calgary Scholarship

Alert1 Student for Seniors $250 Scholarship

Ambient Edge Students Affected by Cancer Scholarship

Ampronix College Scholarship Program

Anytime Heating, Cooling and Plumbing Students Affected By Cancer Scholarship

AP Review Book Annual Scholarship

Appiloque Scholarship

Artistic31mama Scholarship 

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers Community Service Scholarship

AudioReputation Annual Scholarship 

Automatic Pet Feeder $2,000 Scholarship

Automotive Stuff Scholarship

AvaCare Medical Scholarship

Avalaunch Media Scholarship

Avnet Law National Scholarship

Axon Optics Migraine Story Scholarship

Backpacking Expert Wellness Travel Scholarship Wealth Wise Scholarship

Bats Finder Scholarship

Beauty Junkees Scholarship

Beliz Law Firm Scholarship

Ben Abbott and Associates Driving Safety Scholarship 

Ben Carrasco Annual Scholarship Contest

Benzinga's Scholarship for Future Leaders in Finance

Berkey Water Filter Systems Scholarship

Best Camera World Internet Marketing Scholarship

Best Car Seat Hub Scholarship

Best Gaming Monitor Scholarship

Best Tow Truck Near Me Scholarship Program

Bishop Law Firm Educational Scholarship

Bisnar Chase Branch Out Scholarship

Body Hacking Scholarship

Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship

Brauns Law, PC $1,000 Scholarship Contest

BRIC "Go Global" Scholarship

BTT Scholarship Program 

Buff Guy Media Digital Media Scholarship

"Business Plan" Scholarship For Students with Disabilities

Business Leaders $1,500 Scholarship

The Caitlan Wallace Memorial Scholarship

CalTrend Scholarship

CGK Business Sales Scholarship

Child of an American Veteran Scholarship Scholarship

Citrix ShareFile Innovation Scholarship

ConsumerBasket Internet Marketing Scholarship

Coupon Marathon Scholarship

Coupons Plus Deals $3,000 Scholarship

Create and Go Design Your Future Scholarship

Custody XChange Single Parent Scholarship

Dallas Car Accident Lawyers Cancer Awareness Scholarship

Dapper Goat Scholarship

Darras Law $1,000 Scholarship

Dave's $1,000 "Ride A Bike" Scholarship

DCAcar Scholarship

Dependable Homebuyers $500 Scholarship

DesignBrandPrint Scholarship

Devconhomesecurity $2,500 Scholarship

Dietspotlight Student Essay Scholarship

Dixon Firm Scholarship

Dolman Law Group Scholarship Video Essay Contest

Down to 5 Annual Entrepreneur Scholarship

Dreambox Media Online Marketing Scholarship

Drone Enthusiast Scholarship

EasyRinger Scholarship

Eldivia Chemistry Success Award Scholarship

Electric Chainsaw Expert Reducing Risks Scholarship Educational Scholarship

Empowered Future Teachers Scholarship

Enterprise Painters Scholarship

Epiphan Video Scholarship

Eskew Law Scholarship for Children of Convicted Felons 

exIT Technologies Scholarship

Fairfax Kitchen Bath Scholarship

FEATHR Scholarship 2018

Feldco Windows, Siding, and Doors Scholarship

Fifth Annual Stewart Guss Scholarship 

Filly Flair Scholarship

Find Best Grill Internet Marketing Scholarship Custom Award and Recognition Scholarship

Fishbat Media Scholarship

Fishing Rex Annual Fishing Scholarship Program

Fitness Jockey Scholarship Scholarship

Fitwirr $1,000 College Scholarship

Florida Law Group $1,000 Scholarship Scholarship Program

Fountain Law Firm's $1,000 Scholarship

Free Android Root Scholarship

Frugal Family Fun Scholarship 

Fundera College Scholarship

Global Vision Packaging, Print and Graphic Design Scholarship 

Goldberg Weisman Cairo Annual Scholarship 

4GoodHosting Annual Scholarship Program

Greco Neyland, PC Law Scholarship

GreenWay Carpet Cleaning $1,000 Scholarship

Headline Tickets Scholarship

Healthy Hubb $1,000 Scholarship Scholarship

Herrmann Law Scholarship

Hired Scholarship for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Homethods $1000 Scholarship Opportunity 

I Heart My School Scholarship

InsureSTAT Scholarship

IntelligenceBank Marketing Scholarship for Women

Intoxalock Drunk Driving Prevention Scholarship 

The J.G. Wentworth Scholarship Program

JJ Bender Scholarship 5K Scholarship

JSA Digital Marketing Scholarship Program

Jungle Scout Scholarship

JustFundraising Scholarship

Justice Solutions Group Future Mentors Scholarship

Kapuza Lighty Annual Scholarship Contest

Kemper Medical Scholarship

Kenneth P. Carp $1,000 College Scholarship

Key Thinkers Scholarship

KidGuard for Education Scholarship

Kindley Firm APC Scholarship

Kitchen Cabinet Kings $5,000 Scholarship

Kloojj Scholarship

Kuzyk Law Scholarship

LA Tutors Innovation in Education Scholarship

Lark's Prediabetes Symptoms Scholarship

Laser Spine Institute Scholarship

LatamReady Business Technology Scholarship 

Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo Scholarship

Law Offices of Darwin F. Johnson Scholarship

Leesa Social Impact Scholarship

The Lenders Network Scholarship Award

LiveViewGPS Scholarship

24/7 Locksmiths "Keys to Success unlock your Future" scholarship

Lounge Lizard Web Design Scholarship

Maple Holistics $1,000 Scholarship

Maptive $2,500 Scholarship

Mason Finance Life Settlement Awareness Scholarship

Mattress Review Site $1,000 Disrupt Scholarship

The May Firm Bi-Annual Scholarship

MDG Advertising "Looking Beyond College" Scholarship

MDsyncNET "Future of Healthcare Communications" $1000 Video Scholarship

Medical Malpractice Help Community Service Scholarship

Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Scholarship

Mesriani Law Group Scholarship Grant

Michael Moody 2019 Fitness Scholarship

MoArmouz E-commerce Scholarship 

MoneyBanker $1,000 Scholarship

Motor Era Scholarship

Mr. Marketing Scholarship

Munley Law Scholarship Warrior Scholarship

Mythology Scholarship

Naegeli Deposition and Trial Scholarship Contest Neighborhood Involvement $2,000 Scholarship

Networking Basics Scholarship

Newsome Melton Student Leadership Scholarship

Nutrition Inspector Scholarship

OfficeIdeas Internet Marketing Scholarship

OnBlastBlog College Scholarship

OppU Achievers Scholarship

Orange Security Scholarship Essay Writing Competition

Peachtree Financial Solutions Scholarship Program

Peck Law Firm $2,000 Scholarship 

Phentermine Clinics Health Scholarship

Pinnacle Help End Drug Addiction Scholarship

A Place for Mom Senior Wisdom Video Scholarship

PNC Education Loan Center Achiever Scholarship 

Policygenius Scholarship

Polito & Associates, LLC $2,500 Scholarship Contest

PosiRank Scholarship

Prenuptial Agreements Scholarship Essay Program

Pretty Lightroom Presets Scholarship

Pretty Photoshop Actions Scholarship

Price It Here, Inc. 2018 Scholarship Program

Protoly Scholarship

ProWeb365 Scholarship

Pusch and Nguyen Scholarship 

Quicken Loans Scholarship Essay Contest

Randall Blair Isenberg Alcohol Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Remote DBA "Experts to Students" Scholarship Environmental Awareness Scholarship

Rice Law Office Annual $1,500 Scholarship

The Robert's Law Pedestrian Safety Scholarship

Ronald D. Weiss 2019 Scholarship

Room Escape Annual Scholarship

RPI Consultants Scholarship

Saturncube Technologies Scholarship

Scholarship Services USA

Scholarships for Minority Students

 SDL Achievers Scholarship

Seasons In Malibu Scholarship Program

SecureCare65 Scholarship

SeniorAdvice Caregiver Scholarship

Senior Guidance $1,000 Senior Living Scholarship

Senvie Skin Care Scholarship

ServiceScape Scholarship 2018

SFSPA College Scholarship Opportunity Scholarship

SHOOTQ Scholarship Program

Shutterfly Scholarship

Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Scholarship Competitions

Simple Music Contracts Music Video Scholarship Program

SimpliSafe STEM Scholarship

Skyhound Internet Scholarship

Sleeping Angels Scholarship

SmartMail Scholarship Fund

Smile Tutor Scholarship

Smith Publicity's $1,000 Book Marketing Scholarship

SoftinventiveLab Scholarship

Solid Essay Scholarship Writing Contest

Something Greek "Greek Life" Scholarship

Sports Gear Lab Scholarship

SquareFoot Scholarship

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Society Scholarship

Staver Law Group Personal Injury Scholarship

Stevens & McMillan $1500 Scholarship

Study Pug $1,000 Scholarship Essay Contest

Sublime Trails Wellness Scholarship

SurveysSay $1,000 Annual Marketing Scholarship

Tayloright Scholarship

TecEx Scholarship Program

Techmesto Scholarship

TechReviewPro Scholarship Program

Teletrac Navman Scholarship

Tenge Law $1,000 Annual Scholarship

Test Facts Marketing Scholarship

Texas Electricity Examiner $2,000 Scholarship 

Texas Premier Locksmith Scholarship

Thomas J. Henry Leadership Scholarship Program

Thomas L. Dickson Scholarship Contest

Thrifty Momma Ramblings College Scholarship

The Tree Center Quarterly Scholarship

TopSpot SEM Scholarship

Traaqr 2018 Scholarship

TV Store Online Scholarship

Unique Vanities Scholarship

Unlimited Cellular $1,800 Scholarship Program

Vegas Tickets Scholarship

Visual Arts Fellowships 2019-20

Well Kept Wallet Scholarship

Wells Fargo Veteran's Scholarship Program

Wheelhouse Scholarship

X-Medics' Tantalum Scholarship

Yoga Scholarship from The Travel Yogi

Zeiger Firm's $1,000 Scholarship

ZipHearing Hearing Health Awareness Scholarship 

ZipRecruiter Scholarship 

Zumper Apartments Scholarship

Scholarship Guides and Search Engine Websites

Financial Aid for Women
Financial Aid for Minorities
WyzAnt College Scholarships

The scholarship information posted on the Roanoke College Scholarship Bulletin Board is intended primarily for Roanoke College students. Eligibility for these scholarships is determined by the various scholarship sponsors. Roanoke College has no authority to choose the recipients of the scholarships listed on this page. The information posted here is provided as a resource for Roanoke College Students.