How do I get work-study?

Eligibility for the Federal Work-Study Program is determined by the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Eligibility can change from year to year due to changes in parent or student income. The Financial Aid Office will review student's files annually and award work-study to students who file the FAFSA and are eligible.

Since I have Federal work-study, will I be guaranteed a campus job?
It is the student's responsibility to find a job. Neither the Financial Aid Office nor the Career Services Office is responsible for finding a job for work-study students. Students awarded Federal Work Study are NOT guaranteed employment.

How do I find a job?
Student supervisors are encouraged to post job openings with the Career Services Office. When notification about student campus job openings are received, they are posted to an electronic bulletin board, Handshake. Postings are updated throughout the year. Students are also encouraged to contact campus sites directly to see if a position is open. They should also be alert to flyers or posters around campus advertising student job openings and pursue any available jobs that interest them.

Are there any special forms I have to complete?
All students who work on campus, must complete tax-withholding forms in order for the college to be in compliance with Federal and College policy. These forms are available in the Payroll Office. One of the forms, the I-9, is a federal form that certifies your eligibility to work in the United States. The I-9 requires that you provide specific forms of identification. Detailed information about accepted forms of identification is available on the back of the I-9. Typical types of accepted identification are a driver's license or college I.D. and a social security card or birth certificate.

I've been awarded Federal work-study; am I required to work on campus? Will I owe more money to the College if I don't work?
You are not required to work on campus or complete a certain number of work-study hours. If you do work on campus, you will earn a paycheck to compensate you for any hours worked, just as you would any other job. You may use your income toward your educational expenses, at your discretion, including toward miscellaneous expenses. Students are not required to use their work-study earnings for tuition. The balance you owe to the college is not affected by your employment.

What is the difference between work-study and non-work study jobs?
There is no difference in the way that you will be paid. However, work-study wages are excluded from your income when you file the FAFSA (you must include them under the Student's Additional Financial Information). Those earnings are not considered as funds available to help meet your educational expenses, because they were used for that purpose when they were earned.

How much will I earn?
The department that you are working for will determine your rate of pay. It cannot be less than minimum wage.

How and when will I get paid?
Your supervisor should provide you with a timesheet. Work-study students are required to use federal workstudy payroll timesheets. Your timesheet must be returned the Payroll Office. In order for the payroll office to process timesheets and meet the bi weekly payroll deadline, all timesheets must be complete. Student payroll is directly deposited into the student's checking/savings account.

Are there work-study jobs available off campus?

Yes, there are some opportunities for students to work in community service jobs at off campus sites and be paid from Federal Work-Study funds. You can find out about the specific positions available by contacting Jesse Griffin in the Chaplain's Office (email: ).