Alumni Executive Council

The AEC represents the volunteer leadership from all 12 alumni chapters and serves as the communication link between the alumni body and the College. The AEC assists the Office of Alumni Relations with organizing alumni events, fundraising, admissions recruiting and career development.

Photo of Joe Carpenter Photo of Kevin Hartz '92  
Joe Carpenter '99
Alumni Association
Kevin Hartz '92
Alumni Association

At-Large Member
(representative for those outside chapter regions)
Matt Bolling '10

Doug Horn '78, Chair
Shawna Poole '10, Vice-Chair

Hanley Casey '11, Co-Chair 

Greg Record '10, Co-Chair
Amanda Pickens '09, Vice-Chair
Brandi McQueen Milewski '11, Vice-Chair

Bert Miller '92, Chair

Hampton Roads
Kevin Steele '90, Chair
Tracey Cooper '89, Vice-Chair

New England
Peter Barrett '89, Chair
Rob Settana '05, Vice-Chair

New York
Sandy Mulheren '02, Chair
Scott Rosenblum '05, Vice-Chair

Michael Tinari '84, Chair
Jenny Lindsay Lucas '07, Vice-Chair

Karen Rymers Winslow '02, Chair
Jennifer Payne Waldman '04, Vice-Chair

Roanoke Valley
Cara Bayersdorfer Kenney '98, Co-Chair
Patrick Kenney '99, Co-Chair
Steve Devlin '98, Vice-Chair

SW VA / East TN
Whitney Bonham '05, Chair
Barry Firebaugh '67, Vice-Chair

Washington, DC
Dan Riley '98, Chair