Move In and Breaks

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and Roanoke College, please visit

Over the past weeks, Roanoke College has been monitoring the potential spread of COVID-19, with special concern for the safety of our students. The safety of our college community is first and foremost on our minds. We want to take proper precautions during this public health threat. Because of this, Roanoke has switched to online courses. We recognize that the departure from campus residence halls may present special problems for some students. If you feel as though your circumstances are extenuating and will prevent you from departing campus, please complete a request to stay on campus with your circumstances listed. The form can be found here:

Click here to request to remain on campus for March 2020 Recess

By submitting this form, you are acknowledging the information you have provided is truthful. Providing false information to a college official is a violation of the Student Conduct Code. If the information you have provided is discovered to be false at any time, you will be subject to disciplinary action and required to leave campus immediately.