Care Team

The Care Team is comprised of College officials who meet regularly to review students of concern. Information that you have about students who may be in distress, in need of medical attention, who may pose a threat to self or others, or who are experiencing difficulty with the transition to college, should be reported to a member of the Care Team. Additionally, if you have concerns about a student's academic performance, please report those concerns as there may be underlying issues that Care Team can address. This centralized team will investigate your concerns and provide timely and appropriate intervention. 

If you are concerned about a student's immediate health, safety, or welfare, please call the Campus Safety Office (540-375-2310). Campus Safety staff members can assist you with assessing the situation and determining if immediate action is necessary or if a referral to the Care Team might be more appropriate.

To make a report to the Care Team, please click:

RC Cares Button

The Care Team is chaired by the Dean of Students and is comprised of key staff members from several College departments. This team approach helps ensure consistency of care and action. Each team member brings a variety of skills and perspectives to the table, which helps ensure that our efforts are well-informed, appropriate and made with the best interest of all community members in mind. 

The Care Team consists of the following members:

Mr. Wesley Brusseau
Associate Director, Student Health & Counseling Services

Ms. Amy Perkins
Assistant Dean of Students & Care Team Vice Chairperson, Dean of Students Office

Rev. Chris Bowen
Dean of the Chapel, Chaplain's Office

Mr. Allan Lockett
Assistant Registrar, Registrar's Office

Ms. Sandy McGhee
Director, Student Health & Counseling Services

Mr. Tom Rambo
Director, Campus Safety

Mr. Jimmy Whited
Director, Residence Life & Housing