How to use Turnitin to monitor for plagiarism:


The following guides produced by Turnitin demonstrate how to use Turnitin within Inquire courses (called "Moodle" in the guides).  The appearance of the courses may differ slightly from their appearance within myRoanoke.

Ideas for using Turnitin to teach students how to avoid plagiarism: 

  • Learning to paraphrase:  give students a text available online and ask them to write a one-paragraph paraphrase. Set up a Turnitin assignment where students can view the Originality Report and multiple submissions are allowed.  Teach the students how to view and evaluate the Originality Report, identify insufficient paraphrase, and make corrections. See Parkhurst and Moore (above).

  • Learning to correct inadvertent plagiarism:  allow/require students to submit drafts to Turnitin and to revise based on the Originality Report. See Cheah and Bretag (above).