Letter from the Dean

Dear Student,

The College's Mission Statement notes that the faculty and staff of Roanoke College are dedicated to preparing students “for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership by promoting their intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth.”  Honesty and personal integrity form the cornerstone of our successful academic life together, since educating students as whole persons and fostering responsible leadership are possible only in harmony with these principles.

 This statement on “Academic Integrity at Roanoke College” articulates how personal integrity and honesty apply to life in our academic community.  Faculty, staff, and students all bear responsibility for upholding the principles of academic integrity and practicing the moral virtue of honesty in all our academic pursuits.  As a community we affirm the centrality of honesty and personal integrity; dishonest behavior of any kind, cheating in any form, will not be accepted or tolerated.

Roanoke College is committed to producing resourceful, informed, and responsible citizens and sees an integral connection between the intellectual and ethical dimensions of our educational program.  By valuing academic integrity and by practicing the virtue of honesty in all that we do, we honor those who have gone before us at Roanoke College, and we help strengthen the character of those here now and those who will come after us.


Kathy Wolfe
Vice President & Dean of the College


 Note: The contents of this Academic Integrity policy constitute general guidelines approved by the Faculty; they are not intended to be nor should they be construed as creating a contractual relationship of any sort.


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