Faculty Awards

Pursuing excellence in teaching, professional life, and service to the College are all aspects of faculty life at Roanoke College, and each spring the Dean acknowledges outstanding faculty members through awards given in these different areas. The teaching award is given each year; the other awards are given in alternate years. 

Nominations for the 2019-2020 awards (teaching and service) will be accepted starting February 1, 2020. Send your nomination letter by Friday, February 21 to Mrs. Susan Rambo (srambo@roanoke.edu; Administration Building 110).


Join with us in congratulating recipients of these rewards:


Year Dean's Exemplary Dean's Exemplary Professional
Teaching Award Life & Service Awards
2019-20 Dr. Darcey Powell Dr. Mary Henold (S)
2018-19 Dr. Lindsey Osterman Dr. Elizabeth Ackley (PL)
2017-18 Dr. Adam Childers Dr. Christopher Lassiter (S)
2016-17 Dr. William Brenzovich Dr. David Nichols (PL)
2015-16 Dr. Lynn Talbot Dr. Michael Hakkenberg (S)
2014-15 Dr. Brent Adkins Dr. Robert Schultz (PL)
2013-14 Dr. Shannon Anderson Dr. Chad Morris (S)
2012-13 Dr. Virginia Stewart Dr. Monica Vilhauer (PL)
2011-12 Dr. David G. Taylor Dr. W. Gary Hollis, Jr. (S)
2010-11 Dr. Julie S. Lyon Dr. Paul R. Hinlicky (PL)
2009-10 Dr. Christopher Lassiter Dr. N. Jane Ingram (S)
2008-09 Dr. Christpher R. Lee & Dr. Roland B. Minton (PL)
Dr. Robert A. Willingham
2007-08 Dr. Kristi L. Hoffman Dr. Richard G. Grant (S)
2006-07 Dr. Benjamin P. Huddle Dr. J. Brooks Crozier (PL)
2005-06 Dr. Florinda Ruiz Dr. Charlene F. Kalinoski (S)
2004-05 Dr. Leonard D. Pysh Dr. Anil M. Shende (PL)
2003-04 Dr. Garry A. Fleming Dr. Hans M. Zorn (S)
2002-03 Dr. Melanie Almeder Dr. Gregory L. Weiss (PL)
2001-02 Dr. W. Kevin Baker Prof. Eberle L. Smith (S)
2000-01 Dr. Richard G. Grant Dr. W. Gary Hollis, Jr. (PL)
1999-00 Dr. Paul Hanstedt Dr. Gail H. McKee (S)
1998-99 Dr. R. Scott Hardwig Dr. Gerald R. McDermott (PL)
1997-98 Dr. Roland B. Minton Dr. J. Mack Welford (S)
1996-97 Dr. Ned P. Wisnefske Dr. Robert D. Denham (PL)
1995-96 Dr. Gregory L. Weiss Prof. N. George Arthur (S)
1994-95 Dr. James M. Ogier Dr. Abdulnasser F. Barghouty (PL)
1993-94 Dr. Bobbye G. Au Prof. James Buriak (S)
1992-93 Dr. Jan H. Lynch Dr. Robert E. Jenkins (PL)
1991-92 Dr. Edward L. McClelland Dr. Susan P. Millinger (S)
1990-91 Dr. C. William Hill Dr. Robert Benne (PL)
1989-90 Dr. Sarah J. Simmons Dr. Patricia M. Gathercole (PL)
    Dr. Benjamin P. Huddle (S)
1988-99 Dr. Denis A. Lape