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NEED HELP MAKING DECISIONS ON YOUR FUTURE? Wondering what you can do with different majors after graduation??? 

What typical paths are taken by people with your major after graduation? Clueless about what major to choose? Contact Career Services to complete any of these assessment tools:

My Next Move, interest inventory provided by Department of Labor

Strong Interest Inventory, an assessment tool that measures your abilities, interests, aptitudes, and relates these to your potential success in academic majors as well as career fields.

Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (learn how and if your personality is a good fit for the type of career path you're considering)

Online Resources

What Can I Do With This Major?   (NOTE: you MUST access through the link and not by copying and pasting the URL or retyping it, in order to be connected properly).    Click on any of the fields listed, and even more national links will appear that will provide career, internship, and job information for that respective field.

Major Career Advising Guides for each of Roanoke College's majors ( and give you ideas of actual companies by major and/or state to explore opportunities with the Federal Government with your major.

Find the Full Time Job or Internship Opportunity You've Dreamed About on  MaroonNet

ALL CURRENT STUDENTS HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO MAROONNET WITHOUT HAVING TO "REGISTER".  Simply visit, use your RC user name and password to enter the site, and search away!  The basics of your Profile are pre-populated from your RC files, but you may expand your Profile by adding more information, and you may also upload resumes and cover letters as well.  This can be useful when employers are searching for candidates, as they use key words important to them. 

Questions or problems?  Contact Career Services, 540-375-2303, or


This series of short, 3 minute or less, videos will provide the user with quick information to start work on each respective area of the job or graduate school search document or service.  A printable handout is also linked with each topic. Career Services offers workshops on many of the topics. (see schedule on Workshops and Special Programs page).  

After developing your documents, use these rubrics* to rate your own resumecover letterinterview skills, and LinkedIn*, and then let us know how you need assistance from Career Services!  540-375-2303;

*Provided as a courtesy of NACE








These special links to different aspects of LinkedIn will help you in your job or internship search. You do not have to have a LinkedIn account in order to utilize the jobs page. However, if you do have a profile, LinkedIn helps quickly identify alumni & personal connections in each job posting, know if a company has a history of hiring people like them, and find out who they will work with if you get the job. 

  • LinkedIn Job Search Engine: Leverage the world's largest professional network to connect with opportunity. Use LinkedIn Jobs to harness the power of your network and get hired. LinkedIn Jobs surfaces insights such as whom you know at a company, providing you an edge in your job search.
  • LinkedIn Salary Discover your earning potential with LinkedIn Salary. Explore salaries by job title and location. See how years of experience, industry, location and more can impact your salary.
  • LinkedIn Internships Use the power of LinkedIn to take the first step in your professional career with the internship finder.

Job Choices magazine in digital format!

Get resume and interview tips, examples of documents, links to employer websites, and more! Click on magazine image for link to the digital version!  

A flyer title "job choices" with pictures of college graduates

Information for Grads Starting Jobs

Facebook, Blogs, E-mail, You, and the Workplace

The rules for use of technology change once you enter the job market-or take your first job. It's important to know and understand them.

Grads Need to Know Workplace e-Etiquette 

If you're accustomed to texting and checking Facebook during class and you're about to enter the world of work, you should be aware of workplace policies regarding personal use of the Internet and electronic devices.

Tips for All Job Seekers

Playing Fair: Your Rights and Responsibilities As a Job Seeker

Ethical guidelines to help you openly and objectively select employment opportunities, based on the best use of your abilities and your personal goals.

Need to know SALARY information??? (Some employers will ask you for an expected salary.)