History Department Facilities and Resources

Archeological Excavation Site
Student and professor sifting through dirtThe Monterey House grounds, on the corner of Roanoke's campus, are the site of an on-going archeological excavation. The house was built around 1850 and provides an excellent opportunity for students exploring 19th-century history.






Artifact Processing Lab
This laboratory contains the necessary equipment for cleaning and processing artifacts. Students are directly involved in all aspects of the operation of the lab.

History Resources at the Roanoke College LibraryStudents working with old documents
Contains library resources often used by history students and scholars such as Civil War newspapers, JSTOR, Periodical Index Online, Harper's Weekly 1857-1912, ILTER and many others.

Roanoke College Archives and Henry H. Fowler Collection
The Archives not only include the College's records since its founding in 1842, but it also contains a collection of rare books such as a fourth edition Martin Luther Bible printed in 1564-65. The Henry H. Fowler Collection comprises the papers of one of Roanoke College's most distinguished alumni (class of 1929), best recognized in national and international circles as LBJ's Secretary of the Treasury.

Other Local Resources