Honors & Awards

Qualified students may apply for honors in their major(s) by completing an honors project, which will consist of a program of independent study culminating in a paper, artistic creation, or performance. Students who meet the criteria given below will receive the designation "Honors in (field of study)" on their diplomas.

Senior & Junior Scholars

Junior Scholars --A student classified as a junior as of the end of the fall term who has earned a minimum of 18 course units at Roanoke College with a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher is awarded a certificate of recognition as a Junior Scholar by the faculty.

Senior Scholars --Annually, the department may recommend to the Dean as Senior Scholar a student whose work in the Department has been most exemplary. In order to be considered, a student must have at least a 3.2 cumulative academic average and must have earned at least 27 units of credit, of which at least 18 units have been earned at Roanoke College. Eligibility is determined from among currently enrolled students on the basis of their academic records as of the end of the fall term.

Awards & Prizes

Brian Keith Leadership Award-- The Brian Keith Leadership Award is awarded annually as a prize for history student(s) who has shown leadership and service within the Roanoke College student Historical Society.

Pendleton Hogan Mary Queen of Scots Award --The income from a gift by Pendleton Hogan, '29, aids Roanoke College students who research the Mary Queen of Scots era.

Harry E. Poindexter Award --A prize given to a senior history major who has demonstrated academic excellence and leadership in the field of history.

Roy H. Ritter Southern History Prize --A monetary prize awarded annually in memory of Roy H. Ritter, '26, to a junior or senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and outstanding achievement in the study of the history of the South. Mr. Ritter was a partner in the engineering firm of Whitman, Requardt and Associates and one of America's outstanding civil engineers.

R. Dan Richardson Award -- The Department of History established this award to honor Dan Richardson and his 30 years of dedicated service to the college. The award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated excellence and promise for growth in modern European history.