Telephone and Voicemail

The office of telecommunications provides and supports local, long distance services, and voicemail to all faculty and staff. 

Faculty or staff who are having trouble with their telephone or voicemail, please call the Information Technology Helpdesk at extension 2225 or email

VoIP Phone and Voice Mail Training

Helpful Hints:

How do I transfer a call:

  • When you have someone on the phone look at the LCD screen and find Transfer
  • Press Transfer and put the extension that you want to transfer to
  • After first ring press Transfer again, then hang up

Transfer directly to voicemail:

  • Press Transfer
  • Dial 2066
  • When you get the Opening Greeting from Cisco Press #
  • Dial the number that you want the voicemail left in
  • Hit Transfer
  • Hang up

How do I get my Greeting and Name on my Voicemail

  • On your VoIP phone Press Messages
  • Put in your Password … Default is 1024
  • Listen to the tutorial ... she will tell you everything you need to do. Please put your name AND a personal greeting on. The name is for the directory and the personal greeting is what people hear when they get your voicemail.

Call Voicemail from Off Campus:

  • Dial 375-2066 (or dial your own office number and wait for voicemail to pick up)
  • When you hear the Opening Greeting from Cisco, press *
  • She will ask for your ID number .. this is your four digit phone extension plus # (example: 2581#)
  • She will ask for your password ... If you have not already done so, please change the password from the default 1024 to one that you want to use. Put a # at the end
  • Now you are in your voicemail box
  • Listen to the tutorial for your options

From anyone's phone on campus you will be able to check your own voicemail:

  • Press the Messages button on anyone's phone
  • Press *
  • t will ask you to "Please enter your ID number". This is your four digit extension followed by #
  • Put in your password


Cisco has created an assistant for you to manage your Voicemail (Unity). We call it your PCA. Click here for more info.