IMPORTANT! Human subject research can begin only after the IRB approves the project or exempts it from further review.

The following procedures must be followed when conducting human subject research: 

1. Complete an IRB Application and submit it to the IRB ELECTRONICALLY ( Principal investigators of studies that require Administrative review should receive a response from the IRB within 7 days of submitting a complete application. If the IRB determines that an Expedited or Full review is necessary, the process may take longer (Expedited Review up to 7 days after submitting a complete application; Full Review up to 30 days after submitting a complete application. See the "Most Common Reasons for IRB Delays" for more information.  A complete application includes:

      • Completed and signed Review Form (PDF Version or Word version) Document must be signed by all Investigators (Principal Investigator and Co-Investigators) Who are Investigators?
      • Copy of interview or focus group questions, written questionnaires, or instruments that will be used in the study
      • Informed Consent Form OR Study Information Sheet (See Guidelines and/or Samples)
      • Documentation of competence for each investigator in the rules and procedures governing ethical treatment and use of human research participants (Training information)
      • If deception is used in the study, a statement that will be used in debriefing the subjects must be included

            2. The IRB will review submitted applications and notify applicants of its decisions via e-mail. If there are difficulties with the proposed research, the principal investigator may be asked to provide further information or to modify the methodology of the study. The IRB review process will also include campus survey review and approval by designated division representatives when appropriate (View the Survey Policy)

            3. Once IRB approval is granted, the principal investigator coordinates campus survey efforts with the Office of Institutional Research

            In order for surveys to be distributed to Roanoke College community members (faculty, students, staff, etc.), the Office of Institutional Research needs the following information:

            1. Distribution plan (who is the survey going to)
            2. Subject line of the proposed invitation
            3. Body text of the proposed invitation
            4. Survey URL
            5. An electronic copy of your survey invitation (subject line, body, and survey URL), so that it can be copy/pasted into an e-mail message

            *Note that survey invitations are sent to a matched subset of the student body, not the entire student population. Reminders can be sent after the initial invitation, if needed.  The researcher will need to contact the Institutional Research office at the appropriate time to request that reminder(s).  Reminders are sent to the same mailing list as was used the first time.