Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Roanoke College is charged with reviewing all research involving human subjects conducted at Roanoke College by faculty, staff, students, or outside researchers for adherence or compliance of their methodology to the requirements of informed consent, humane treatment, and ethical conduct in the research process.

The IRB at Roanoke wishes to make the review process as efficient as possible for its researchers, while being diligent in protecting the rights of subjects. While response times may vary, in general, Expedited and Administrative Reviews will be returned within 7 business days of receiving a complete application; and Full Reviews will be returned within 30 days of receiving a complete application (see the Policies page for additional information about each review category). To avoid delays, please see the "Most Common Reasons for IRB Delays" information sheet. Questions regarding the review process should be directed to:

Dr. Ryan Otto, IRB Coordinator, 540/375-5249 (Dr. Otto is the preferred contact for IRB business)

Dr. Todd Peppers, IRB Chair, 540/375-2417

NOTE: All IRB material must be submitted electronically.  Submitting incomplete applications could delay the approval process (see tips for avoiding delays). Please see the Procedures page for more information or the IRB Forms page to access forms.