Why Should I Do An Internship? An internship is a short-term work experience designed to provide a useful view of work in a field which interests you. Through an internship, you may discover whether or not you would like to work in that field and gain experience which you may cite when you apply for career positions later.

How Do I Get an Internship? The PLACE staff will be glad to assist you and provide information that will help you find an internship. An information packet on Finding an Internship is available in the PLACE career center to serve as a basic guide. This topic is covered in a number of workshops offered to students, including: Using the PLACE to Find an Internship and Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities (part of the Freshman and Sophomore Series). An internship information table is also set up on a monthly basis at the entrance to the cafeteria during lunch. This is a good opportunity to ask specific questions and look through some of the internship requests received from the business community. Finally, the PLACE sponsors an annual Internship Fair in November. This event showcases organizations, especially local ones, that have a need for interns in a variety of majors. An individual assessment of your interests will also be conducted with a staff member during a short interview. At this time, suggestions will be made about the best type of internship for you.

RC Summer Incentive Program

The Summer Experience Incentive Program provides reduced tuition for students who wish to enroll in individual, high-quality, experiential learning opportunities during the summer--internships, research, and creative projects. For Summer 2020, tuition for one unit of internship, research, or independent study credit under this program will be reduced to just $400 (an 80% discount). Applications MUST be submitted no later than MAY 15, 2021!  Refer to the program details and applications provided:

Summer Experience Incentive Program Description

Summer Internship Application

Request for Tuition Waiver for Summer Experiences