three students who completed their senior thesis
The Senior Thesis is the culminating work of students majoring in Religion, Philosophy, or Theology. It will normally be done in the final year of study. The work can be done in one semester (411) for one full credit, or extended over two (410, 412) for 1/2 credit each semester.

The purpose of the thesis is to utilize the perspective, understanding, research skills, and writing abilities students have developed in their studies to investigate a substantial topic. The goal is for students to produce a paper of high quality and distinction.

Guidelines for Senior Theses


Cara Anderson (Christian Studies and Religious Studies)
Comparing Martyrs: A Defense of Martyrdom
Dr. Hinlicky and Dr. Trexler

Alexa Chapman (Philosophy)
The Becoming Dragon of Fossils
Dr. Adkins

Aubrey Frabutt (Philosophy)
Zeno’s Paradoxes: Ancient and Contemporary Responses
Dr. Zorn

Cassie Lindenfeld (Religious Studies)
Jehovah's Witnesses, Blood Transfusions, and the Rise of Bloodless Medicine
Dr. Trexler

Kathleen Hall (Philosophy)
Nietzsche and Camus: The Philosophy of Overcoming
Dr. Adkins

Paul Martin (Religious Studies)
Virtual Faiths: Religious Traditions in Video Games
Dr. Larson-Harris

Johnson Mihaly (Philosophy)
Frayed Edges: How the Contest Between Neoliberalism and Sovereignty Unfolds in Border Policy
Dr. Adkins

Joseph Montalvo III (Philosophy)
One with the Force: Marcus Aurelius and the Jedi Way of Life
Dr. Zorn