Items to Consider for College and Residence Hall Living

There are certain things that you will want to bring with you to school.  The following checklist will come in handy as you shop for and gather your belongings for college.  


- Think carefully about the items you plan on bringing and consider if you will really utilize them.  If not, don't bring them.  This year with the pandemic, we encourage you to only bring items that you know you will use.

- Share this checklist with others.  Many of these items make great high school graduation gifts!

- When you get your room/roommate assignment you might want to contact your roommate and check to see what major items each of you might bring

For your room...

Blankets Two sets of sheets (XL twin) Mattress pad Pillows
Bedspread/Comforter Bedrisers (square) Storage containers for under the bed storage Lamp (halogen and multi-colored floor lamps not permitted)
Light bulbs Surge protector Waste basket Wall decor
Command strips Over the door hooks Message board for door Personal mementos
Sewing kit Flashlight Coffee maker Dishes (disposable plates and cups might be a better option)
Mini-Fridge (3.9 cubic feet or less) Microwave (900 watts or less) Fan Screw driver and hammer

For the bath...

Towels/washcloths Shower sandals Toiletries Shower caddy
Personal appliances (hairdryer, electric shaver, etc.)

For your studies...

Calendar/scheduler Backpack Paper clips White-out
Glue Scissors Pens/pencils/hi-lighters Stapler and staples
Paper Post-it notes Ruler Tape
Calculator Computer

For your health...

Face coverings (masks) Hand sanitizer Thermometer Insurance card
Medication First aid kit Sunscreen Tissues

For your recreation...

Headphones Movies Video games Bicycle
Bike lock Snacks Water bottle Sports equipment
Workout clothes

For cleaning and laundry...

Detergent Dryer sheets Laundry basket Clothes hangers
Disinfecting wipes Cleaning supplies Hand vacuum Small broom


Driver's license Social security card (if you plan on working) Copy of your birth certificate Bank routing number
Checkbook/ATM card Stationary/stamps Rain jacket and umbrella Semi-formal wear