Request for On Campus Housing Accommodations

Medical Accommodations

Occasionally a student may present medical conditions which warrant consideration for housing accommodations or may require temporary accommodations outside of the regular housing selection/assignment processes*.  In such situations, the student is required to provide detailed documentation which supports the request, and which demonstrates how the condition impacts the student's ability to succeed in his or her current living environment. 

Additionally, in order to consider requests for housing accommodations, the student may be requested to register with the Office of Accessible Education Services, which is located in the Center for Learning and Teaching, Fintel Library. 

If you are requesting a housing accommodations for medical reasons you must submit the following to Accessible Education Services:

  1. Part I to be completed by the student
  2. Part II is to be completed by the treating specialist completed

It is your responsibility to ensure that all required and completed documentation is submitted to Accessible Education Services. Requests are due by March 15th for the upcoming year for returning students. Requests are due by June 15th for new students. Requests received after the designated deadline will be reviewed during the Accommodative Housing Committee meeting.

Once all materials have been received, the materials will be shared with any other appropriate College personnel for review.  If further information is needed, you will be contacted and requested to provide or arrange the necessary information.  A written decision will be delivered to you.

*Temporary requests for use of a specific room for medical reasons which extend beyond 30 days require documentation from the relevant healthcare provider. 

Students Beyond the Binary

If you feel that you may not fit the mold of traditional gender specific housing, please visit our Beyond the Binary page.