Request for On Campus Housing Accommodations

Accommodations (Housing Accommodations)

Occasionally a student may present medical conditions which warrant consideration for housing accommodations or may require temporary accommodations outside of the regular housing selection/assignment processes*.  In such situations, the student may be required to provide detailed documentation which supports the request, and which demonstrates how the condition impacts the student's ability to succeed in his or her current living environment. 

Students requesting housing accommodations based on a disability must first contact the Assistant Director of Academic Services for Accessible Education at The student may be asked to provide documentation to support their request. Any documentation submitted should be current and relevant. Documentation must be from an appropriate professional that describes the current functional impact of the condition or disability as it relates to the housing modification or accommodation requested.  All requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the Accommodative Housing Committee. Requests and supporting documentation must be turned in by the deadlines below.

 A written decision will be delivered to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Requests for emotional support animals (ESAs) are considered a subset of housing accommodations.  Roanoke College has established policies and procedures regarding the consideration of such requests and the presence of ESAs in the residence halls. All accommodations including requests for ESAs follow the following deadlines. 


  • March 15th for Fall housing accommodation requests for returning students
  • April 15th for Summer housing accommodation requests
  • June 15th for Fall housing accommodation requests for new students
  • November 15th for Spring housing accommodation requests

Please contact Accessible Education Services ( with any questions.

*Temporary requests for use of a specific room for medical reasons which extend beyond 30 days require documentation from the relevant healthcare provider. 

Students Beyond the Binary

If you feel that you may not fit the mold of traditional gender specific housing, please visit our Beyond the Binary page.