The Eco House REOPENING FALL 2022


Augusta House

Learning Objectives:

  • To provide an intentional community where students can discuss and put into practice ideas about environmental justice, resilience, and living a more sustainable lifestyle
  • To encourage and facilitate discussion of complex environmental issues and promote greater environmental awareness on campus
  • To engage the campus and broader community in an on-going dialogue about environmental sustainability, resilience, and environmental justice through personal example, projects, and events
  • To serve as a testing ground for potential campus-wide sustainability initiatives relevant to residence life

More about the Eco House:

Community Values

  • Openness: To discussing and practicing sustainability and environmental justice
  • Respect: The ideas of others and the environment
  • Responsibility: so the individual accepts obligations to the community and is held accountable for individual actions
  • Caring: to ensure the individual's well-being is supported, and that community engagement is encouraged
  • Involvement: so the individuals have a voice in decisions concerning their community
  • Ownership: to ensure all individuals care for their facilities and adjacent property
  • Celebration: so Roanoke College history and culture is promoted and traditions are shared. 


Open to all students.


Dr. Laura Hartman, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies