FAQs about Break Closings

  • Why do students have to pay to stay during breaks?

The amount you pay for room and board only covers a pre-calculated number of nights specific to each term. Breaks are not included in the calculation. The additional cost of $35 per night creates a relationship between you and Residence Life & Housing and creates a reason for you to be on campus.

  • Will the residence halls be locked during breaks?

The residence halls will remain locked during breaks. Card access will be disabled during breaks.  Only those students who receive permission to remain on campus during the breaks will have access.

  • Will Residence Life & Housing be open during the breaks?

Residence Life & Housing will be open for regular hours throughout Fall and Spring Breaks, from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. The entire campus will close during Thanksgiving break and for the period of time between December 23rd and January 3, 2023.

  • What if I want to stay for a few days, then leave, and come back early? Can I do that?

Yes, you can stay for whichever nights of break you would like as long as campus is open. Please specify this when submitting your form.

  • What if there is an emergency? Will there be staff available?

Resident Advisors and an Assistant Director on duty will be available if needed by residents. If there is an emergency, residents are urged to call Campus Safety at 540-375-2310.

  • Will the Commons be open during breaks?

The Commons is closed during all breaks due to the reduced number of students on campus during breaks.