catawba hall

Physical address: 319 North Market Street

Class: freshmen and upperclassmen

Room types:  doubles with a typical size of 10' x 14'.  Rooms are carpeted.

Bathrooms:  hall bathrooms for each gender

Laundry: free laundry is available on the first floor

Meal plan information

Building floorplans

Catawba Hall was built in the mid-1960s and originally designed to house a male fraternity. It currently houses approximately 40 residents. Catawba was renovated in 2016.

Catawba is home to Roanoke College's Sports and Recreation Affinity House. This house is filled with those sharing a common interest in sports and recreation. Features include fitness equipment, a game room, and sports decor throughout the building. For more information about the Sports and Recreation House, please contact Residence Life & Housing.

Catawba Move over is Saturday, September 17th

Residents will receive an email with their move over time.  One of the following:

Group 1: 9:00 AM

Group 2: 9:45 AM

Group 3: 10:30 AM

Group 4: 11:15 AM

Students are asked to be ready at their appointed time and to label all their belongings with their CATAWBA room number.  Labels are available in Res Life.

Around noon, there will be a picnic and lawn games for the residents of Catawba, the volunteers, and any parents who make the trip.