Student Government Association

About SGA:

The Student Government Association of Roanoke College exists under the authority of the Board of Trustees and its designated Executive Officers in order to: 

  • To equitably represent the interests of the student body;
  • To advise and make recommendations to college officials on policy matters;
  • To provide a forum for relevant campus issues that is accessible to all students;
  • To increase communication and collaboration among student groups for the implementation of student initiatives;
  • To promote scholarship, service, citizenship, and leadership among the body;
  • To contribute to the sense of community and connection across campus;To promote the total well-being of each student.

Executive Officers:

Shannon O'Leary, President

Carlos Domacasse, Vice President

Elizabeth Clay, Secretary

Roger Lopez, Treasurer

Hunter Bohon, Attorney General

Tom Rambo, Dean of Students, Advisor

The SGA Office is located in Room 109 on the first floor of Alumni Gym. You may contact the Executive Officers at