Student Government Association

About SGA:

The Student Government Association of Roanoke College exists under the authority of the Board of Trustees and its designated Executive Officers in order to: 

  • To equitably represent the interests of the student body;
  • To advise and make recommendations to college officials on policy matters;
  • To provide a forum for relevant campus issues that is accessible to all students;
  • To increase communication and collaboration among student groups for the implementation of student initiatives;
  • To promote scholarship, service, citizenship, and leadership among the body;
  • To contribute to the sense of community and connection across campus;To promote the total well-being of each student.

Executive Officers:

Emilee O'Dell, President

Walker Phillips, Vice President

Gideon Linkous, Attorney General

Grace Fountain, Secretary

Senn Boswell, Treasurer


SGA Officers


Fall 2019 Office Hours:

 Monday: TBA

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: TBA

Friday: TBA


The SGA Office is located in Room 109 on the first floor of Alumni Gym. You may contact the Executive Officers at