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Roanoke College has over 100 clubs and organizations available to our students consisting of clubs associated with a wide range of religious groups, and hundreds of events, outdoor adventures, lectures and service opportunities.

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Student Government Association

SGA is run by the executive committee. This selective group of exemplary students is the voice of the student body, who works diligently to ensure that every concern and idea is properly represented to the people who need to hear them.

logo for roanoke college campus activities boardCampus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board, or more commonly known as CAB, is responsible for producing the majority of the entertainment on campus. Traditional events sponsored by the board include: Welcome Back Weekend, Family Weekend Events, R-Glow, and Spring Fling. Other events include One Nite Stands, Recreational Tournaments, and Movie Nights.

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Intentional Living Communities

Roanoke College offers three types of intentional communities on campus.  Much like the name implies, Academic Residential Communities are those that are tied to academic initiatives of the College and are scholarly in function. Greek Housing is the second type of intentional community on campus.  To live in Greek Housing, students must be approved by the local chapter of a nationally recognized Fraternity or Sorority to reside in the house. Finally, Roanoke College offers Affinity Housing as a way for students with common interests to live together.

image of the center for learning and teachingCenter for Learning and Teaching

Located inside Fintel Library, the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning and Teaching provides students with a comfortable, welcoming place where they can realize their academic potential as independent and resourceful learners. The Center features programs for students at all levels of academic accomplishment and offers on-going support in pedagogical development to members of the Roanoke College faculty.

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image of the student handbookStudent Handbook

The Roanoke College Student Handbook is designed to ensure that students are aware of the various rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies that the college has instilled.

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