Campus Services

Campus Services & Student Resources


The Academic Coaching Program (by appointment and as part of RC Success) offers assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulty or who request extra help. Peer Mentors are recommended by faculty members and trained to help students in adjusting to college, and in important study skills and habits. For further information, contact Ms. Shannon McNeal of the Center for Learning & Teaching.


Accessible Education Services are available for students with documented physical or learning disabilities or ADHD who require accommodations. For further information, consult or contact Ms. Becky Harman at the Center for Learning & Teaching. 


In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, the College publishes an Annual Security Report and maintains a criminal offense log. The reports are available at the Campus Safety Office Bowman Hall or by visiting the Campus Safety web page


The Maroons participate in 19 sports at the NCAA Division III level. Varsity opportunities for women include indoor and outdoor track and field, field hockey, soccer, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, softball, tennis, and lacrosse. Varsity opportunities for men include indoor and outdoor track and field, soccer, cross-country, golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, and lacrosse.


A Wachovia/Wells Fargo ATM is located in the foyer of the Colket Center. You can make withdrawals using all major cards from your bank account through this ATM. This machine accepts STAR, NYCE, MAC, PLUS, VISA, MasterCard, CIRRUS, & Maestro cards.


The College Bookstore is located in the lower level of the Colket Center. Here you may purchase textbooks, paperbacks, supplies, toiletries, clothing, CD's, and other items.  For a one-time fee, a personal check cashing service is also available. 


The Business Office is located on the ground floor of College Hall.  Any questions regarding student accounts, payment of fees, and student financial obligations should be directed to the Business Office. Also, student paychecks are distributed by the Business Office through direct deposit. 


The Campus Calendar can be located on the College's home web page:  There you will find a "Featured Events," Athletic Events and an "All Events" Calendar.  The master calendar of the College is located on the World Wide Web at: where every single event at the College, including classes, is listed.  You can find out today's schedule, this week's schedule, or search for events on future dates.  Recognized student organizations, academic departments, or members of the college community planning campus events must schedule these through the Information Desk in the Colket Center. By so doing, you can reserve the necessary campus facilities and have your group's activity listed in the master calendar.

Certain priorities exist in scheduling campus social activities.  Social events will not be allowed to conflict with either the academic calendar or with a college-sponsored academic event.  It is expected that social events will not be scheduled during worship services.  Additionally, during the holy days of Easter there will be no registered social events on Good Friday or on Easter Sunday. 


Located in Bowman Hall, the Office of Campus Safety provides a broad range of services to you, including police and security services, fire and personal safety programs, and traffic control.  Campus Safety Officers are appointed Special Conservators of the Peace by the Circuit Court and have arrest authority on the campus.  Officers are on duty 24 hours a day.  During normal business hours an officer can be reached at 540-375-2310.  For services or emergencies after normal business hours, Campus Safety can be reached at 375-2500, by the Red Emergency Phones, or by the Yellow Phones located on the exterior of Residence Halls.  Additional information can be found on Campus Safety's web page, which is accessed from the College Web page. 


Located in the Fowler Alumni House, The Office of Career Services performs a vital role in assisting you to grow and progress through the career development process and ultimately to secure a viable career direction that is consistent with your interests, abilities, and aspirations.  The career planning programs and activities are built on the premise that career choice is a developmental process which occurs over time; therefore, services are designed to intervene and impact continuously throughout your undergraduate years. Visit the Career Services web site at


The Center aims at bringing Christian religious and moral perspectives, particularly in their Lutheran interpretation, to bear on contemporary challenges to church and the world.  To further this goal, the Center encourages and supports interdisciplinary studies on and off campus, and sponsors an annual lecture series on contemporary issues. 


Located in the Fintel Library, the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning and Teaching is the focal point for academic counseling and academic support on campus. The staff will assist you in identifying your academic strengths and weaknesses, designing an individual study program, and resolving your academic concerns. The Center coordinates academic advising for undeclared students, the Writing Center, the Subject Tutoring Program, the RC Success Program, and Accessible Education Services. Dr. Sue Brown directs the Academic Services. Dr Sandee McGlaun directs the Writing Center.  


Located in Morehead Hall (540-375-2301), the Center for Community Service is directed by Jesse Griffin.  Weekly service opportunities include after school programs, homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, college garden and more.  Break trips are offered to Central America, New Orleans, and South Carolina. Two plunges are offered: one to Washington, DC and one to Southwest Virginia.


Located in Morehead Hall (540-375- 2300), the Chaplain's Office, led by Rev. Paul Henrickson, Dean of the Chapel, offers many services and programs including:

                * Worship on Tuesday at noon and Wednesday evening at 9:15 PM

                * Lutheran Student Movement (LSM)

                * InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IV)

                * Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM)

                * Baptist Collegiate Ministry

                * Young Life

                * Discussion Groups: Discernment Group, Faith & Free Pizza, Men's Breakfast, Women's Breakfast

                * Retreats


On-campus job listings are available in the Office of Career Services, and also on the web at:  


If you have questions about the computers or computer services on campus, please contact Information Technology at 540-375-2225 or look at the information on the College website:  There are computer labs all across campus, which are typically open when the building housing the lab is open. However, the study lab in Fintel Library is open 24 hours a day and there are kiosk computers in most buildings for on-the-go use. The labs are often reserved for classes and the schedule should be checked on the computing web page. Additionally, students may check out laptops from the Fintel Library in three-day increments. 


Black only and color copies can be produced in the Fintel Library, at the Colket Center Information Desk or in the Print Shop.  Please refer to the Academic Integrity System prior to making copies.


The Cavern

The Cavern is located in the lower level of the Colket Center and is open Monday thru Friday from 11am to 11pm and on Saturday from 5pm to 11pm.  It is a dine in or take out eatery.  Students on the meal plan can use this facility interchangeably with the Commons. Maroon money, cash, and credit cards are accepted.   

Sutton Commons

The Commons offers continuous service during the following hours:

                Monday thru Thursday 7am to 8pm

                Friday 7am to 7pm

                Saturday and Sunday 9:30am to 7pm

For information about meal plans requirements see Residence Halls Compositions and Descriptions. Maroon money, cash, and credit cards are accepted from guests that are not on meal plans. Meal plan descriptions and dining service hours are also located on the web at


As a student at Roanoke College, you will receive a Roanoke College email address with email services hosted through Microsoft's Office 365 program. Students may correspond with any other student, faculty, or staff member using this e-mail account.  We encourage students to check this account on a daily basis for important announcements concerning their classes or the College community.  It is important to note that all official College correspondence is disseminated via campus mail and/or e-mail. When giving out this e-mail address, use the format: You can access your student email through MyRoanoke or a mobile device with email capability. This email address will be yours for life upon graduating from Roanoke.


If you are planning an event on campus, then the Event Planning Office in the Colket Center is there to assist you. Contact an event planner by phoning 540-375- 2330 or via email at


Roanoke College offers a comprehensive program of financial aid for qualifying students. Information regarding scholarships, grants, loans, and college work-study can be obtained by contacting the Financial Aid Office in Roselawn. Mr. Tommy Blair is the Director of Financial Aid.  On-campus job listings are available in the Office of Career Services.  Also on the web at:


Your maturity as a student is reflected partly in the manner in which financial obligations are met. If you owe money or property to Roanoke College, you must pay those debts or make arrangements for payment before the end of the term in which the money or property is owed, otherwise, no degrees will be conferred, diplomas and transcripts will not be issued, and you will not be permitted to register for the next term. Debts owed to private individuals or establishments also should be paid in a timely and mature manner.


Each fall, the College sponsors a celebratory bonfire, parade, and "bash" for the college community in honor of David Bittle, the College's first president.  The planning is coordinated through the Historical Society with committee members serving as volunteers.


At Roanoke College, the five men's Greek social organizations are all national fraternities. These organizations are: Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Lambda Phi and Sigma Chi. Approximately 21% of the males enrolled belong to a fraternity.

Many students are covered under their parent's health insurance policies.  Students are encouraged to review benefits while attending college as out of network coverage may vary.  Roanoke College offers an insurance plan for college students that is administered by United Healthcare.  Information concerning benefits and cost is available at

Students should carry a copy of current insurance information, including prescription cards to all health care providers.


The Information Desk at the Colket Center is a hub of activity.  At the Information Desk you can schedule campus events, reserve facilities, buy discount movie and baseball tickets, purchase campus activities events tickets, buy your yearbook, get change for laundry, and much more.  The Colket Center Info Desk is open seven days a week until 7:00 PM while school is in session and until 5:00 PM during breaks.  The phone # at the Info Desk is 378-5125.   


Information Technology, located in Trexler 369, maintains and supports the network across campus.  This includes network access, computer equipment, printing services and cable TV.  Software applications such as MyRoanoke, WebAdvisor, Inquire, and student email are also supported by IT. For more information about the Information Technology department, please reference

E-Mail and Internet

As a student at Roanoke College, ou will receive a Roanoke College email address with email services hosted through Microsoft's Office 356 program. Your Roanoke College email will be an official means of communication from college offices and you are expected to monitor this account. You can access your student email through MyRoanoke or a mobile devise with email capability. This email address will be yours for life upon graduating from Roanoke College.

Internet Services for Students

Wireless access to the Internet is available across campus buildings (including within Residence Halls). Wireless is supported for any device that supports the WPA enterprise standard.

Hardware Support Provided

Information Technology has technicians who are certified to order and install parts on any Dell or HP computer. Students may check in their computers at any time if they are encountering hardware problems and our technicians will determine the problem and ensure that it is fixed promptly.  Computers manufactured by other companies are not eligible for hardware support through our department.

Software Support Provided

The IT department provides students with a download option to install the most recent Windows operating system and the newest versions of Microsoft Office software. Students can also download Microsoft Security Essentials to protect their computers from viruses from the Information technology webpage:  We also provide students with an account through Atomic Learning which offers online tutorials for many software programs. Students can access this by going to and logging in with their MyRoanoke username and password.

If students are having problems with viruses, internet connection, and many other software issues they have the option to check in their computer for our technicians to look at. Students can check in any type of computer for software support by coming to our office in Trexler 369.

Software Available in College Labs and via RCRC (Roanoke College Remote Computing)

Examples of software available in PC and Mac computer labs:

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Mathematica
  • Minitab
  • Photoshop
  • SPSS

For more information about TCTC (Remote Computing) visit


Inquire is the web-based course management system widely used on campus for academic courses. Many professors use Inquire to augment their lesson plans. It is recommended that students check their Inquire sites frequently to view changes in the course, updated grades, course assignments, and additional resources that their professors may have posted. If you have any questions about Inquire, please contact Information Technology at 540-375-2225 or see our website:


Located on the first floor of Trexler, Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC) is the place to go for help with your class related media projects. Need a digital camera for class assignments? ITRC Services can lend you one.  We have digital camcorders available as well.  In the Media Lab you can use our Apple iMacs to edit your video projects and burn them to CD or DVD-R discs. Need help with image scanning from books or photographs?  ITRC can help.  We can also help you with power point setups (laptops and LCD projectors) in the classroom. Stop by, visit our webpage at or call us at ext. 2290 for more info.


The Office of International Education at Roanoke College provides a wide variety of programs and support services to students who wish to study abroad and to students from around the world who are studying on our campus. The mission of the Office of International Education is to encourage global awareness and to facilitate cross-cultural understanding.

* Study abroad opportunities around the world for Roanoke College students (go to for details)

* Faculty-led international experiences during the Intensive Learning term

* Services and activities for international students

* The Global Village residence hall for U.S. and international students*  Work abroad, internship,  service learning,and volunteer programs abroad

* Work abroad, internship, service learning and volunteer programs abroad

Our office is located in the Administration Building, Room 206. Walk-ins are welcome but we encourage you to call or e-mail us to make an appointment.

International Education Staff and Contact Information:

Director of International Education 540-375-2299

Assistant Director of International Education 540-375-2068

Ms. Toni Fazler, Administrative Assistant,, 540-375-2300 


All students in good standing are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship during their time at Roanoke College. Internships are great for validating a person's occupational interests, building experience for the resume, and networking for future job connections.  Internships at RC may be done either for academic credit or as non-credit experiences.  Those for academic credit must have prior approval of the student's major department, though assistance in finding a placement is available through the Office of Career Services. Non-credit internships are handled mainly by Career Services. To get started on internships, contact Career Services for appropriate guidance, ext. 2303. 


Do you need money to help pay that tuition or to support your evening snacks? Each year the Office of Career Services receives hundreds of listings of part-time and full-time job opportunities.  These are posted by employers on MaroonNet, our secure online job/internship site for Roanoke College students and alumni. To register for this site, visit Set up your profile, post your resume if you wish, and search for jobs. Also listed in Career Services are job opportunities on campus. Visit the jobs boards at


Journey, a freshman wilderness pre-orientation program, was developed in 1999. The program is designed to introduce freshmen resident students to the wealth of outdoor opportunities in the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas. Additionally, students meet other incoming freshmen, make new friends, and become familiar with the Outdoor Adventures program and OA staff members. 

OA staff members lead and facilitate the daily activities. Student/Counselors who are also OA student guides help facilitate activities and provide guidance and supervision throughout Journey, both during the day and evening.  The Student/Counselors are also an excellent resource for participants on various topics, including the transition to Roanoke College.

Journey is held the week prior to new student orientation. Students check in on Sunday and attend an orientation session and cookout with OA staff members.  The outdoor activities begin on Monday morning when participants spend the day on a ropes course developing team-building skills. On Tuesday morning, participants are transported to Damascus for a mountain bike trip on the scenic Virginia Creeper Trail.  Later that afternoon, the backpacking and camping component of Journey begins. Participants spend two and a half days (Tues. afternoon - Thurs.) backpacking on the famous Appalachian Trail in Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. The experience concludes with a canoe trip on the James River on Friday. 


Named in honor of Dr. Norman Fintel, eighth president of Roanoke College, and his wife, Jo, Fintel Library offers a collection of over 400,000 total items. The facility is handicapped accessible; offers seating for over 400; includes individual and group study rooms; has a "silent study" area, two computer lab areas, and the Goode-Pasfield Center for Learning and Teaching.

The Library homepage is available from the Quick Links menu of the Inside Roanoke home page and is the starting point for Hours, Research Assistance, and Services.

You may do research in the Library's wireless environment or via the Internet from any computer on or off campus. From the homepage you can search for books, DVDs, images and journals. Thousands of full-text journals are available electronically along with 700 print journals. Research Assistance is available via walk-up service or by scheduling an individual Reference Appointment with a librarian.

Other features include renewing your materials using the Patron Record link; using the catalog to borrow items from Hollins University via a weekday courier service; and making Interlibrary Loan requests for materials unavailable at either library. For recreational materials you may check out bestsellers, DVDs (1,000+), and back issues of popular magazines.

The Roanoke College Archives contains historical records relating to the College, rare books, the papers of both former Secretary of the Treasury Henry H. Fowler and former Congressman James R. Olin, and the photographs of E. Howard Hammersley. The Archives also has on deposit the records of the Virginia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Call in advance for hours (540-375-2490).

We welcome your suggestions and Purchase Requests via our homepage or in person.


If you lost it, you might find it in at the Colket Center Information Desk. That's where the college's lost and found is located. If you find something on campus, please bring the article by the Colket Center. Unclaimed articles will be disposed of at the end of each academic year. Call extension 5125 for more information. 


Mail Services is located on the lower level of the Colket Center.  Every student is assigned a post office box, and official college communications as well as U.S. Postal Service mail are delivered there. All student payroll checks are distributed to your campus mailbox.  Additionally, mail services serves as an UPS station.  Be sure to use the format shown below when giving your address:

Joe College

Campus Box _____

221 College Lane

Roanoke College

Salem, VA  24153-3794


These Campus Activities Board events bring the "big names" to campus.  Concert bands, comedians, jazz groups, etc. are the primary forms of talent. Mainstage shows are scheduled annually for the opening of school, Parents' Family Weekend, and Spring Fling.  If you are interested in helping plan or work on these shows, come to the Campus Activities Board meetings or stop in at the Colket Center. 


Maroon Alerts is Roanoke College's emergency notification system. It allows College officials to contact faculty, staff and students via text messages to cell phones and similar devices as well as send instant e-mail communications in the event of an emergency or severe weather conditions. Notices also are sent when weather emergencies necessitate a closing or delayed schedule for the College.

It is the responsibility of each student, faculty and staff member to enroll in the program and thus receive notifications. Members of the College community are strongly encouraged to enroll in the program.


As a student, you are issued a Roanoke College identification card, the Maroon Card, upon enrollment. The card contains your picture as well as a bar code, magnetic stripe and proximity technology for access in buildings with electronic card access control. The Maroon Card can be used to purchase meals, tickets, and other items on campus. The Maroon Card is to be presented for the following:

        * The Sutton Commons - for meals and social events

        * The Colket Center Cavern- for meals and admission purposes

        * The Colket Center Game room - to check out video games and other equipment

        * The Library - to check out books

        * At athletic events - for admission purposes

        * Fintel Library, Belk Fitness Center, Commuter Lounge and selected Residence Halls- for card access entry

        * To verify student status upon request by a college official

        * To access printing on campus 

The Maroon Card is accepted at many businesses in the Salem Community. Loaning of Maroon Cards to others is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the Student Conduct Code. 


The Maroon Corps performs the invaluable task of guiding new students through orientation and the first few weeks of school. Identified by their staff shirts, they help entering freshmen and transfer students get to know the campus and each other. They are also experts at moving luggage. These upper-class students attend an intensive training program to prepare them to assist the entering freshmen and transfer students adjust to Roanoke College. The students who comprise the Maroon Corps are good people to know. Selection of the Maroon Corps occurs during Spring Term.

Discount movie tickets are available at the Information Center of the Colket Center for the Valley Grande (Regal) movie complex at Valley View Mall.


Any student driver of a college motor pool vehicle must have completed a safe driving course sponsored by the Office of Campus Safety.  Contact the Office of Campus Safety at 540-375-2310 for more information concerning the College Motor Pool use and regulations.

MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS                                  

The mission of Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) is to contribute to an inclusive learning environment by supporting the institutions efforts to retain and graduate students prepared for a diverse global society. We provide mentorship opportunities, deliver diversity education and inclusion training, celebrate the cultural diversity of all students, and advocate for underrepresented groups in the Roanoke College community guided by the College’s mission and our professional CAS standards.

The vision of OMA is to develop citizens who are more culturally aware, supportive, and accepting of others who may be different from themselves and to foster a climate within the campus community which recognizes the value that diversity brings to the total educational experience. We envision a Roanoke College where people of all identities and experiences are heard, respected, and fully included in the community in order to allow equitable treatment and outcomes to prevail.

In our office there is one main common space. This space is used throughout our business hours as a lounge by students to have a place to study and hangout between classes. Students are also allowed to hold meetings in this space with prior notice. 

Our lounge is equipped with:

  • Lounge area
  • Television access with a DVD Player
  • A conference table
  • Two desktop computers
  • Wireless Printing
  • Wii and board games
  • Refrigerator, microwave, water cooler, and coffee machine

There is also a Computer Lab for students to use if they prefer study space in our office. 

The lounge is available for reservation beyond these hours by calling 540-375-2099 or e-mailing

Office of Multicultural Affairs  
Second Floor Alumni Gymnasium Building
Salem, VA 24153  

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

After hours for lounge:
Sunday - Thursday 
7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Visit them at:  


RC is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. There are three divisions: I is for schools that give athletic scholarships; II is for those that give some grants to exceptional athletes; and III is for those colleges that give no athletic aid. Roanoke College is in Division III.


Official college correspondence is disseminated via campus mail and/or email.  Students should regularly check their campus mail box located in the Colket Center as well as their email account(s).  Not checking your campus mailbox or reading your email are reasons for failure to comply with college policies and procedures. Make it a point to read your campus mail and email! In accordance with the "Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act" the College may occasionally issue a "Campus Safety Notice" if a safety or security issue arises for which members of the community need to be aware. These notices are sent via campus e-mail and through other forms of communications.  Students should read the information in the notice and follow any guidelines that are contained in it.


The Old Dominion Athletic Conference is the athletic conference in which our varsity teams compete. Since you can usually find our sports teams at or near the top of the standings, it's a lot of fun to turn out for the games.


Roanoke College has contracted with OrgSync, a Dallas, TX-based vendor, to provide electronic and social media support services for all of the clubs and organizations.


The Outdoor Adventures Program seeks to provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to safely engage in a variety of outdoor experiences, develop the skills necessary to enjoy the outdoor experience(s) of one's choice, learn about the natural environment, help maintain and improve the natural environment through service, become part of an intentional community, and develop leadership, communication, problem solving, and team building skills.

OA sponsors various activities including biking, canoeing and kayaking, climbing, hiking and backpacking, and skiing and snowboarding. Equipment may be rented from the Outdoor Adventures Center located on the lower level of Bowman Hall (540-375-2579). Information on locations, etc. also may be obtained from the OA staff members working in the center. New activities and ideas are welcomed.

For more information about the Outdoor Adventures Program: 


Located in the lower level of Bowman Hall. The OA Center is open during stated hours each week.  Students may rent backpacking and hiking equipment, obtain information regarding locations for various activities, and get information and advice regarding a variety of outdoor activities. The OA Center is part of our Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventures Program.


Participation in college events is encouraged of all students. However, students may be temporarily or permanently prevented from representing the college in such activities as athletic events, college-sponsored trips, plays, etc., if college officials deem such action to be in the best interest of the college.


A community council, fraternity, sorority,Residence Life & Housing staff member, or other recognized student group may schedule non-alcoholic parties, activities, and other events in residence hall common areas and lounges.  These events may not conflict with previously scheduled all-school functions.  A minimum of one week's notification is requested for scheduling an event of this type. Non-alcoholic parties, activities, and other events must be registered with the Colket Center by completing an Event Scheduling Worksheet.  In order to coordinate these activities with other campus events, it is suggested that the organization's representative schedule them through the Colket Center.
Residence hall room parties where alcohol will be present and ten (10) or more persons (or 6 or more persons in a designated single or 16 or more persons in an individual apartments) will be in attendance are also required to be registered.  One or both of the occupants of the room must receive approval for the event from the Area Coordinator no later than the end of office hours on Wednesday before the event.

Fraternities sponsoring parties where alcohol will be present must be cleared by the Assistant Dean of Students.



The Peer Mentoring Program (RC Success) offers assistance to students who are experiencing academic difficulty or who request extra help.  Peer Mentors are recommended by faculty members and trained to help students in adjusting to college, and in important study skills and habits. For further information, contact Ms. Shannon McNeal of the Center for Learning & Teaching. 


The Print Shop, located on the ground floor of the Life Science building, offers many services to the student body. Though there are color printers available in computer labs across campus, the Print Shop  has the ability to produce output at a much faster pace at the same price to the student. Wide-format color poster printing is also available at the same prices as off-campus printers, keeping the funds received in the print shop on campus. Other services such as shredding, laminating and multiple types of binding are available as well. Need advice on a special project, such as a Business Policy project? Come visit the Print Shop! The Print Shop services are available to the entire campus community. For more details, visit us on the web at


The Public Relations Office communicates on behalf of Roanoke College. The office serves as the official voice of the College through the news media and helps connect various audiences with our campus. In addition, the PR office manages the College Web page, writes and distributes news releases and assists faculty, staff and students in publicizing events, achievements and programs.

The PR office also develops printed publications and internet communications for prospective students, alumni and the campus community. The PR office maintains a guide of faculty members with expertise in various disciplines who can provide reporters or community groups with valuable commentary.

PUBLICITY (Notices, Flyers, Posters)

If you're going to put up any type of notice, flyer, or poster you should place them only on designated bulletin boards. Questions regarding appropriate areas should be addressed to the Colket Center or by calling 540-375- 5125.


Every Friday night during the academic year, the Colket Center sponsors live entertainment, movies, novelty items, and even provides free food for the students.  Periodically, student organizations co-sponsor events with the Colket Center. These Friday night events are called "RC After Dark."  RC After Dark runs from 7 PM - 1 AM. 


The Colket Center produces two closed circuit TV channels for the campus. The campus information channel is broadcast over channel 65.  Movies are shown daily on channel 66 with up to eight different titles shown every month. Because RCTV is assigned to channels 65 and 66, you must have a cable-ready TV to receive this free service. Movie titles and the movie schedule are publicized through various campus media. 


Campus Recreation at Roanoke College offers a variety of recreational programs and activities to enhance the campus community and to promote healthy balanced lifestyles. These programs include intramural sports, club sports, group fitness, and outdoor adventures.  Intramural sports include flag football, basketball, soccer, badminton, beach volleyball, softball, and numerous other recreational activities.  Our club sports program includes ice hockey, men's & women's soccer, men's lacrosse, equestrian, ultimate frisbee, and men's rugby. We offer non-credit group fitness such as zumba and Pilates that are taught by certified group fitness instructors. Outdoor Adventures give students the option of going on multi day trips into the wilderness and also offers weekly classes and day trips to local outdoor destinations.  Up to date information can always be found at


Located on the first floor of the Administration Building, the Registrar's Office serves a variety of functions. If you wish to add or drop a course; review or obtain your transcripts; hold your graduation review; or find out about degree requirements, requirements for graduation, or any general academic information, you should contact this office. Ms. Patty Brokken Registrar and Mrs. Amanda Beard is the Assistant Registrar.


As an institution affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Roanoke College believes that a sound religious program must be an integral part of the total college life.  Roanoke stands for a steady and consistent cultivation of religious life and strives to develop in you, its students, an understanding of people's ethical and spiritual responsibilities in society. A full program of weekly events is offered through the Chaplain's Office to encourage spiritual growth. 


Reservations for use of any campus facilities should be made through the Colket Center Information Desk by using an Event Scheduling Worksheet or by using the web form. Recognized student organizations are allowed to meet in public rooms on campus only if they have reserved the rooms in advance. 


Check the Campus Directory for an updated list of staff and departments.

Campus Directory


R House is a house for Habitat for Humanity that is begun during Orientation on campus in the Lower Olin parking lot. Every incoming freshman works on this project for at least 90 minutes.  After Orientation, the house is moved to its permanent location in the Cty of Roanoke where it is finished and dedicated (usually February or March).


Constructed by a group of students in the 1970s, including the late John Mulhern, The Rock serves as a bulletin board announcing upcoming events.  While there are no written rules concerning the Rock, common practice follows the Golden Rule which states, "Do unto others that which you would want them to do unto you!"  In other words, don't paint over another organization's upcoming event. Polite behavior dictates that your organization may paint the Rock once the advertised event has begun. Usually painting the Rock is on a "first come, first served" basis. However, when two or more organizations wish to paint the Rock to advertise events in the same time period, it is suggested that representatives of the organizations speak to one another and work out a compromise! When painting the Rock, use only water based paints. Make sure to clean up after you are finished.


Rooney is a "Maroon-tailed" hawk, a little known, but clever breed that is found only in the vicinity of the Roanoke College campus. The hawk is a classic bird of prey and one that is physically powerful, much like the Maroons it represents. Flying high, the hawk symbolizes achievement. The hawk is indigenous to the area and thrives in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. The hawk was selected from more than 350 mascot suggestions submitted by students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the College. Many Rooney features may be found at Become a fan of Rooney on Facebook, or download Rooney wallpaper for your iPhone. Other Maroon spirit items may be found through Rooney's page. Roanoke will always be the Maroons. The addition of a mascot did not change the name Maroons. The hawk is silent. Roanoke isn't alone in having a mascot that's different from the team name. Other prominent institutions include the UNC Tarheels (ram), Virginia Tech Hokies (turkey), the Miami Hurricanes (ibis) and the Alabama Crimson Tide (elephant).

SALEM AMBASSADORS & Town Gown Relationship

The Salem Ambassadors Program is designed to foster leadership development, especially servant leadership, while also enhancing the College's town/gown relationship. The program provides student to student education regarding community expectations for off-campus conduct and increased sensitivity to residents' concerns.

 Salem Ambassadors plan and implement community outreach projects in the neighborhoods most affected by off-campus housing. Examples of outreach projects include road clean-ups, leaf raking and snow removal; create a newsletter for Off-Campus Residents each semester; represent Salem Ambassadors at weekly IFC and Panhellenic meetings; represent Roanoke College on the City of Salem Neighborhood Relations Task Force and attend all meetings; attend weekly staff meetings; maintain service directory of residents in need; educate students through neighborhood visits, special programming, etc.; other duties as assigned by the Assistant Dean of Students. 

Roanoke College values its long long-standing positive "town-gown" relations with the citizens of the City of Salem. The College and its students have been an integral part of the local community since 1847. It is the responsibility of all members of the College community to preserve and promote this important tradition for current and future students. Students residing in houses or apartments off campus have a particular responsibility to be good neighbors in their neighborhood and abide by applicable city ordinances. Misconduct off campus may be subject to college disciplinary action.


It is the policy of Roanoke College to provide you with a working and living environment free of any form of discrimination, including harassment. This institution reaffirms the principle that you have a right to be free from sexual discrimination in the form of sexual harassment by any member of the academic community.


Sexual misconduct, including Sexual Assault, Improper Sexual Behavior and Sexual Harassment constitute violations of the Department of Education's Title IX, Higher Education Amendments of 1972 and hence is subject to Title IX investigation.  All types of Sexual Misconduct should be reported to the College's Title IX Coordinator, Ms. Teresa Ramey  (540-444-4535). Student against student violations should be reported to Amy Perkins, Associate Dean of Students and Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs Office, Alumni Gym (540-375-2592).  Faculty or staff against student violations should be reported to Dr. Dave Taylor, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Administration Building, (540-375-2436). If a student prefers to speak with a male representative, they may contact Dr. Dave Taylor


If you choose to be sexually active, you must accept responsibility for your behavior. Such responsibility includes the right of either party to "say no" without pressure, harassment, or fear. Educational programs and information on birth control, sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, and other related topics are provided by the College Health Service 

At Roanoke College, the three women's Greek social organizations are all national fraternities. But you can still call them sororities. These organizations are: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chi Omega, and Delta Gamma. About 24% of the females enrolled belong to a sorority.


The Colket Center is your contact point for information about student activities and what's happening on campus. Campus Activities Board events, RC After Dark, Campus Recreation, Intramurals and other campus events all get planned here. Rooms and facilities across campus can be reserved, and equipment checked out. You can learn about the various campus groups and organizations and purchase discount movie tickets. 


The Division of Student Affairs assists students in their intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal development by providing living and learning opportunities that contribute to the educational mission of Roanoke College. These educational opportunities enhance traditional classroom learning and prepare students for success in life after graduation, while encouraging them to become leaders in their community as well as global citizens.


By attending Roanoke you are committing yourself to being a contributing member of our educational community. Roanoke College is an academic community that operates on the principles of honesty, respect, and personal responsibility. Students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with these principles, and face disciplinary consequences if they fail to do so. The policies in this handbook are provided to help you more specifically understand your obligations.  


One of several hearing bodies established to adjudicate violations of the college's student conduct code. The SCC is comprised of student members elected by the student body and is advised by the Associate Dean of Students or his/her designee. The SCC hears cases that warrant sanctions up to probation. 


All new student employees must complete employment paperwork before beginning work. They must complete Section 1 of the Employment Eligibility Verification form (Form I9) on or before the first date of employment. No later than the third day of employment, they must provide documents so that the Payroll Office can complete the college's portion of that form. They must provide one of the following combination(s) of documents for Employment Eligibility Verification.

  • Driver's License and Social Security Card
  • Driver's License and Birth Certificate
  • School ID with photograph and Social Security Card
  • School ID with photograph and Birth Certificate
  • U. S. Passport

Employees who do not complete form I9 or do not provide the needed documents cannot work. It is the department's responsibility to be sure the paperwork is completed or to prohibit the individual from working until the paperwork is done.

New employees will also need to complete tax withholding forms for both federal taxes (W-4) and state taxes (VA-4) before any payroll checks can be issued. It is the department's responsibility to submit the necessary payroll forms as follows:

Student timesheets - must be received in the payroll office by 10 a.m. Monday following the end of a pay period.

All tax forms and timesheets are found on the web: Current Students/Offices&Services/Business Office/Payroll. You can print, complete and forward to the payroll office.

Direct Deposit is available for all student employees. The form can be found on the current student's portion of the web. All employees who have direct deposit will view their pay advice on-line instead of receiving a paper copy.


Student Health & Counseling Services, located on the front quad behind Morehead Hall, provides medical treatment for full-time students with common illnesses and minor injuries. Most services are provided at no cost; however there are fees for allergy injections, immunizations, laboratory tests, certain procedures, physicals and gynecological exams. Fees are due the day of service and are payable by cash, check, Maroon Money, and most credit cards.

Roanoke College recognizes that amidst the challenges and excitement of college life there are times when the changes, choices, and confusion can become too much for you to handle alone.  Our staff counselors provide for the mental health needs of students to live fuller and more successful lives within a college community. Counseling is provided in a compassionate, competent, confidential manner by a professionally licensed staff and are free of charge. Counseling services include:

*  individual and group counseling based upon the needs of the student

*  crisis intervention

*  services for a wide variety of mental health issues including substance abuse

*  skills for successful living

*  coordination of services with the Health Center and other medical or mental health providers

Student Health & Counseling Services is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Appointments can be made by calling 540-375-2286.  In the event of sudden illness or emergency occurring after office hours, notify Residence Life and Housing staff or Campus Safety officer.  Call 911 for life threatening situations. After hours care is available locally at two urgent care centers and the Lewis-Gale Medical Center Emergency Department all within five miles of campus. There are also several pharmacies located in the downtown Salem area.

Transportation to off campus doctor or hospital visits is the student's responsibility. If you do not have transportation, a taxi voucher plan is available.  Vouchers can be obtained from Campus Safety, Health Services and Residence Life & Housing Staff staff.

Students are encouraged to contact faculty members when illness interferes with class attendance. In accordance with college policy, Health Services cannot excuse students from class.  Each professor establishes individual policies regarding attendance. Additional information is available on our website


Created on September 22, 1966, by the president of Roanoke College, the Student Life Council began to function in the interest of the college community as a forum and source of communications for students, faculty, and administrators. Its composition includes members of the student affairs staff, members of the teaching faculty, and elected student government officers.  One of the council's primary functions is to determine the allocation of funds for student organizations and publications. Other business is brought to the council by members as a result of student requests or actions by the SGA senate. The council is empowered to examine, review, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Vice President-Student Affairs. The SLC may also make recommendations to other committees and/or administrators of the college where deemed appropriate. 


Subject tutoring is available in Room 05 in the Fintel Library, Sunday-Thursday, 4:00 - 9:00 p.m. Tutors are generally upper-division students, who are recommended by faculty members and trained in methods of effective tutoring, and who work on an individual or small-group basis. The program is coordinated by Ms. Elizabeth Myers, in the Center for Learning & Teaching. The tutoring schedule is available at


If you're going to go swimming or if your organization will sponsor an event in the swimming pool, you must contract with the Campus Recreation Office to have a Red Cross certified lifeguard on hand. Contact the Campus Recreation Office for further information. The swimming pool is located in the Alumni Gym. 


Roanoke College offers 24-hour switchboard coverage.  The College's switchboard number is 540-375-2500 and is operational 24/7.


The College has an arrangement with Roanoke Salem Taxi to provide transportation between the College and Lewis-Gale Hospital, Roanoke Airport, and other locations within the greater Roanoke/Salem area. Students do not have to pay cash for this service, but must obtain a voucher prior to using the service from the Information Desk that is located in the Colket Center. Emergency?  Taxi vouchers are good Friday-Sunday and can be picked up as early as Friday. 


Veterans at Roanoke College should check with the Assistant Registrar, Mrs. Amanda Beard, in the Registrar's Office about course loads, the GI Bill, and other such concerns.


WebAdvisor provides Roanoke College students with real-time information about their class schedules, grades, account information, and financial aid. WebAdvisor is accessible from within the MyRoanoke portal at


If you are injured as a result of your work here, you may receive benefits under the Workers' Compensation Act. The cost of these benefits is supported entirely by the College. The funds will pay for medical, hospital and surgical expenses. If you are injured on the job, you must report it immediately to your supervisor so medical attention can be given and to insure that you receive the benefits which may be paid under worker's compensation. You must also make a detailed report to Human Resources within 48 hours of the injury.


The Writing Center, located in Room 15 in the Fintel Library, is a place where writers working in any academic discipline, at any level of competence, at any stage of the writing process meet with trained peer writing tutors in informal, one-on-one tutoring sessions focused on writing. The Center is open, Sunday-Thursday, 4-9 p.m. For further information, consult Contact us to schedule an appointment, or just stop in to say hello. Drop-ins are welcome, if a tutor is available.