Alcoholic Beverage Policy

        While recognizing that the consumption of alcohol is a reality in our society, Roanoke College is concerned that the abuse and irresponsible use of alcohol is a contributing factor to many societal and campus problems.                                    Roanoke College does not encourage the use of alcoholic beverages by students, nor does it condone the violation of applicable laws or college policies. The college respects the right of students of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages so long as they drink responsibly and adhere to applicable laws and college policies.  Students of legal age may consume alcoholic beverages in the privacy of their rooms with the door closed, and at registered social events where alcohol consumption has been approved.

Individuals who choose to consume alcoholic beverages, regardless of their age, are responsible for their behavior.            

The college also recognizes a responsibility to educate students about alcohol use and abuse, and to aid students who have a drinking problem and seek help. To address this responsibility, the college offers alcohol education programs that seek to inform students of the risks and moral implications of alcohol abuse. In addition, there are college personnel available to counsel students about alcohol problems, and local drug treatment centers where individuals may be referred for additional help. College officials will invoke the Alcohol / Substance Abuse Policy (see below) if they deem that a student is abusing alcohol to the extent that the student's behavior is either endangering him/herself or others, or is detrimental to the college's mission. The college may limit or revoke the privilege of consuming alcohol on campus in the event that students do not drink responsibly.

 Alcohol related event Policy                                                                                                                                                      
An Alcohol Related Event is defined as a gathering of 10 or more persons or 6 or more people in a designated single with alcoholic beverages present.  An individual or organization wishing to host an Alcohol Related Event must register the event in the Colket Center by the end of office hours on the Wednesday prior to the event.  Parties may be registered for the following approved locations: Alumni Gym, Colket Center, rooms of those students who are of legal age to consume alcohol, except in Freshmen Halls where no alcohol is allowed, and in other locations designated by the Office of Student Affairs. Alcohol Related Events fall into two categories: Campus-wide events and Residence Hall Room events.  Such events are subject to the following regulations: 

Regulations common to both categories:

1.     The individual or organizational representative registering the event must complete the Alcohol Related Event  Registration form and have it approved by the appropriate Student Affairs official by 12:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the event.

•2.        A $50.00 damage/clean-up deposit may be required. This deposit is fully refundable if there are no problems in connection with the event.

•3.        All events must have an established ending time to be determined by the appropriate Student Affairs staff member or the applicable state or local law.

•4.        Publicity and advertising for approved events shall avoid any reference (either written or illustrated) to alcoholic beverages or alcohol consumption.

•5.        The number of persons in attendance shall not exceed the capacity of the designated area.

•6.        Non-alcoholic beverages (such as: soda, fruit juices, ice tea)  and food (such as: chips, cheese, pretzels or other snacks) must be prominently available and equally accessible for the duration of the event.

•7.        The individual(s) or organization registering the event may not sell alcoholic beverages.

•8.        The individual(s) or organization registering the event is responsible for seeing that all college policies and applicable laws are observed.

•9.        Except for rare special exceptions, registered alcohol related events may occur only on weekends.

•10.     Registered alcohol related events may not occur during exam periods.

11.   Beer is the only alcoholic beverage permitted at alcohol related events.

Regulations specifically concerning campus-wide alcohol related events:

1.     Only recognized student organizations may sponsor a campus-wide alcohol related event.

Campus-wide events must be scheduled in advance on the campus activities calendar in addition to being registered.

3.     Campus-wide events may be held in Alumni Gym, Colket Center, or other designated areas only unless a special exception has been granted.

4.     Students and guests must be appropriately identified by age.        

5.     Only the college may sell beer at campus- wide events.

Regulations specifically concerning Residence Hall Room  alcohol related events:

1.     The student(s) registering the event must be of legal age.

2.     Only the occupant(s) of the room may register an event for his/her room.

3.     The event must stay in the room with the door closed.

4.     All guests must be invited and a copy of the invitation list must be on file in the Colket Center.

5.     Non-student minors (under the age of 18) are prohibited from attending the event.

6.     The individual(s) registering the event is responsible for seeing that college policies and applicable laws are observed.

In addition to the above regulations, the following actions constitute violations of the Alcoholic Beverage Policy:

1.     Possession of alcoholic beverages in freshmen residence halls.

2.     Consumption of alcoholic beverages out-of-doors.

3.     Consumption of alcoholic beverages in unauthorized areas.

4.     Consumption of alcoholic beverages in college vehicles.

5.     Being intoxicated as determined by college officials.

6.     Providing alcohol to underage persons.

7.     Transportation of alcoholic beverages in open containers in unauthorized areas.

8.     Possession of bulk container(s) of alcoholic beverages.  (Kegs and party balls found in the possession of students on campus will  be confiscated and will not be returned.)

Alcohol Related Events in unauthorized areas.

10.   Violating state, local and federal laws applicable to alcoholic beverages.

11.   Possession of empty alcoholic beverage containers. (Includes containers found in residence hall room.)

Alcohol/Substance Abuse Policy 

Alcohol / substance abuse is evidenced by a lack of self control which results in:

        - An individual harming or potentially harming him or herself or others, or

        - An individual disrupting the mission of the college.

Alcohol and Illicit Drug Health Risks:

Alcohol and illicit drugs are toxic substances that affect the mind, body and spirit.  Excessive drinking hinders academic success and can cause health risks which include damage to your body organs (liver, heart and digestive tracts); impaired physiological responses (decreased brain activity, digestion and blood circulation); and mental and emotional disorders (loss of memory, impaired judgment and personality changes).  Alcohol related problems include deaths from drunk driving, use of violence, and poor judgment in personal relationship situations.

Drug abuse is dangerous and can lead to death.  An overdose can cause psychosis, convulsions, coma and death. Continuous use of drugs can lead to organic damage, mental illness and malnutrition.  It increases the risk of AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases related to drugs that are injected.  Drug abuse can cause accidents resulting from foolish risks, "panic attacks" and acting irrationally. (Additional information concerning alcohol and illicit drug health risks may be obtained at the Student Health Center.) 

The abuse of alcohol or other substances by Roanoke College students is unacceptable. Students who appear to be abusers as identified by college officials will be placed on Substance Abuse Probation. They may also be required to undergo an assessment by a trained professional and to make use of professional help at their own expense. A further abuse incident during the period of Probation will result in Suspension or Expulsion.  Students found to be substance abusers are strongly encouraged to seek professional help. College personnel in the Center for Counseling Services are available to refer students to local area treatment facilities.

Revised:  June 2001