RC Kaplan Grant Details


Details on the 2020-2021 Roanoke College grant program for graduate exam prep courses through Kaplan are still pending final budget release for the fiscal year.  Watch for an announcement once funds are available. 

Assuming the availability of funds, the program will work the same as in 2019-2020.  The exams for which we can offer prep courses include:  GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, DAT, OAT, and PCAT.  The College offers grants for students to enroll in LIVE, ONLINE courses only.  Please review the information below thoroughly if you are interested in this opportunity.

What are the advantages of the Live, ONLINE course format? 

  • Students may choose from a variety of sections, offering days/times best for their respective schedules, and not have to conform to a group schedule.        
  • The class sessions are conducted by highly qualified instructors, LIVE, who answer questions posed by students, as well as seek input by asking questions of students.        
  • Class sessions are recorded and archived, thus made available to enrolled students to watch over as many times as they wish.  This is helpful if you need to review certain information more than others.         
  • Classes do not have to be rescheduled because of such factors as weather, illness, and so on.  
  • Students may log in from any location, as long as there is Internet access, at the appointed meeting time for their respective sections.      
  • This course format is much less expensive for students.  The College is offered group pricing, that is less per person than prices quoted on Kaplan's website.  Even students who are not offered a College grant may enroll at our discounted tuition rate. 
  • Course evaluations from students have given much higher marks to this course format, over the traditional classroom setting.      
  • There are no minimum course enrollments in order for students to be able to participate.       
  • The prep course schedules will be found at www.kaptest.com, under the respective exam and under the Live, Online option for each.  Students may wish to begin monitoring those schedules now, and they are updated throughout the year.  

How does the RC/Kaplan grant program work? 

  • There are a limited number of grants available for each exam prep course each academic year.  Interested students should complete the grant application (attached), and return this to Career Services by the designated deadline.  Submitting your application on time is crucial.     
  • Grant application deadline for all prep courses is at least 30 days before the start date of the course section in which you would like to be enrolled (see schedules online at www.kaptest.com under the section for the exam of interest to you).  Submit applications to Office of Career Services.
  • A faculty committee for each of the exam areas will review the applications.  Evaluation factors will be largely based on academic fit for the type of graduate program/schools being pursued, including the students' GPA and class rank.  Financial need may also be considered.  
  • Decisions will be sent by the faculty committee to me, and I will communicate this information to each individual student.  At this point, the student will be asked to commit to enrollment in said course.  Students offered a grant will receive a grant in the amount of 50% of the tuition for said course, which will be paid directly to Kaplan for the student.   

How does enrollment in/payment for the Kaplan prep courses work?    

  • In order for students to receive our discounted tuition rate from Kaplan, the director of Career Services MUST handle ALL enrollments and payments for ANY Roanoke College students who wish to enroll in one of these courses.        
  • When you are contacted and offered a grant, you will be asked to review the available sections for your live online course, and identify the one in which you wish to be enrolled.  You do nothing else until instructed by Career Services.        
  • About 30 days prior to the first class meeting for your section, you will be enrolled in your prep course and will receive online access from Kaplan.         
  • Books for the courses generally are delivered to the College, to Career Services, who will notify you to pick these up.  (Books are included in the tuition for the course.)    
  • As soon as your course begins, the charges for your 50% share of the course tuition will be placed on your RC student account.  Students not receiving a grant but wishing to enroll would be billed for 100% of the course tuition.       
  • The Business Office will send a bill to whoever usually receives that for you, and payment will be expected according to their terms (usually balance is due within 30 days, and credit cards may be used to pay part/all of your balance).         
  • Once a course begins, any drops will incur less than 100% reimbursement, if any, and the student would be entirely responsible for that amount.         
  • Most prep courses, and then actual exams, should be taken either second semester of junior year, or very early fall semester of the senior year.  


Our discounted tuition rates for 2020-2021 Live, Online Roanoke College/Kaplan prep courses follow.  Again, for those approved for and offered a grant, the student is responsible for 50% of the respective amount.      

  • GRE $575 (student's share if receiving a grant = $287.50)          
  • LSAT $799 (student's share if receiving a grant = $399.50)       
  • GMAT $899 (student's share if receiving a grant = $449.50)         
  • MCAT $1329 (student's share if receiving a grant = $664.50)       
  • DAT/OAT/PCAT $899 (student's share if receiving a grant = $449.50)  

Other considerations

  • If accepted for a Roanoke College grant for enrolling in a graduate exam preparation course , the student agrees to attend all class sessions and put forth their best effort in completing the requirements and suggestions of the instructors, or the student could be held responsible for the total tuition for the course.  Make-ups are available for those who absolutely cannot attend a session.
  • The College requests that students plan to take the respective graduate admission exam during the same academic year in which the prep course is taken, and report the scores to the Office of Career Services at Roanoke College.      
  • Because of the fiscal year of the College, all courses must start after July 1 and must conclude before June 30.