Career Exploration


Don't wait until one month before graduation to plan for your career!  The earlier you start, the more likely you will be successful in attaining your goals by graduation.

What are your Interests?

My Next Move, part of the O*Net online system, is a free resource that will help individuals explore career options based on their interests, learn about career opportunities, and explore jobs connected to these opportunities.  

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII) is a tool utilized by Career Services to help students recognize areas of strength within themselves. Some results should be apparent, but others may be subliminal and need to be brought to the surface. Schedule an appointment through Handshake with Career Services to take the Strong Interest Inventory.

Maroon Mentors

For many years, Roanoke College has had active Alumni and Family Networks to assist students and recent graduates in many aspects of their career development.  These networks have now become one and are known as MAROON MENTORS.  A large number of RC alumni and parents/other family members all around the country have volunteered to assist in our whole person development of students.

The program has various aspects of assistance provided, depending on the needs of the individual student, or of students at certain Class year levels.  We may reach out to alumni to help students with leads for internships and/or job connections in their respective organizations.  Mentors may participate in networking programs hosted for students, both on campus and in our alumni chapter city areas.  These would include "What Can I Do With a Major in ....?" alumni career panels held mostly on campus during the regular semesters, and our Career Night series held during Fall and Semester Breaks, in our alumni chapter cities.  

A large focus of Maroon Mentors is our formal mentor/student pairing program that occurs in the fall and spring semesters, as well as in summers.  Focused mainly on the sophomore Class year - a time to EXPLORE - students may sign up to be matched with mentors whose experience and background are similar in nature to the students' respective career interests.  Together, they plan informational interviews and job shadowing periods spent at the mentors' employment site, sometimes shadowing others on staff as well as the mentor.  These opportunities can lead to contacts for internships and others as the student progresses through the rest of his/her college career.  

Students interested in being assigned a Maroon Mentor should begin by completing this short Maroon Mentor Interest Form.  

Major Career Advising Guides


What can I do with a Major In?