RC Name Project

We desire for all members of our community to live authentically and be accepted for who they are, starting at the very heart of their identity—their name. We acknowledge that for some Maroons, their legal name may not reflect who they are, how they identify, or their lived experiences.
The RC Name Technical and Education committees, along with the Office of Community, Diversity and Inclusion, worked together to create language, training, and documentation for students, faculty and staff to identify by their chosen name, which we are calling RC Name.  An RC Name is simply the name that students, faculty and staff would like to be called at Roanoke College.  An RC Name is not required; it is an individual choice. These choices may include, but are not limited to, a middle name, people who use nicknames of a legal name, people who use an anglicized name, or people who use a name that affirms their gender identity.

The form linked is currently available for Faculty/Staff. It will be available for students starting March 1st.

Record Your RC Name