Summer Scholars

Would you rather flip hamburgers (or paint houses or mow lawns) or spend a summer on the Roanoke campus using your mind? Would you like to get a package worth more than $5,000 for feeding your curiosity?  Summer scholars are paid $2,500, receive summer housing (valued at $1,400), and a summer course credit.

Roanoke's Summer Scholar Program is designed for serious students who want to use their summers wisely and work one-on-one with faculty. Every year, students compete for selection to receive one of the summer scholarships. Faculty from across the college review student research proposals and decide these prestigious awards.

For Summer Scholars, the experience continues into the fall, as every student presents their project during Family Weekend. A good salary. A mind-expanding summer. A chance to strut your stuff. It all adds up.

Recent Summer Scholars Projects (2018)


  • Elizabeth Janes. The Roles of the Radical Feminist and Labor Movements in Recognizing and Combating Sexual Harassment in the Late 20th Century. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Mary J. Henold, History)
  • Zachary Margrave. Conversations in Chamber Music: The Role Dialogue and Intertextuality Play in the Development of the String Quartet. Major: Music. (Faculty Mentor: Gordon Marsh, Fine Arts)
  • Timothy Shay. Answering the Call: A Re-evaluation of Sixth-Century Tyranny in Athens. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Jason Hawke, History)
  • Olivia Streett. Civilizing the Silver Screen: How Colonial Nostalgia Shaped German Identity through Third Reich Propaganda. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Robert A. Willingham, History)
  • Katherine Williamson. The Formation of Mexican Identity: Queer Representation in the Works of Silvia Tomasa Rivera, Sara Levi Calderón, and Rosamaría Roffiel. Major: Spanish, French. (Faculty Mentor: Jose F. Banuelos Montes, Modern Languages)

Social Sciences

  • Bentleigh Asboth. Public Attitudes towards Multinational and Domestic Business in the Middle East. Major: International Relations, Spanish. (Faculty Mentor: Andreea S. Mihalache-O'Keef, Public Affairs)
  • Sasha Bronder. Marijuana and Marginalized Communities: Policies on Legalization and Their Impact on Social Justice. Major: Religious Studies, Sociology. (Faculty Mentor: Kristi L. Hoffman, Sociology)
  • Aislinn Foutz. Parental and Peer Factors in Children's Theory of Mind Development. Major: Psychology. (Faculty Mentor: Danielle Findley-Van Nostrand, Psychology)
  • Benjamin Pullen. The Role of the Body in Protest: The Relationship between the Body, Discipline, and Power. Major: History. (Faculty Mentor: Marit A. Berntson, Sociology)
  • Jacob Trombley. The Ethics of Back Channel Negotiations. Major: International Relations, History. (Faculty Mentor: Daisy B. Ball, Public Affairs)
  • Yipeng Wang. Gender Difference of Domestic Abuse and How Honor Culture Would Affect those Differences. Major: Psychology. (Faculty Mentor: Lindsey L. Osterman, Psychology)


  • Morgan Heckman. Modeling Circadian Clocks in Spiders. Major: Physics. (Faculty Mentor: Daniel T. Robb, MCSP)
  • Noelle Warfford. Developing My Musical Style: (Choral) Composition with an Interdisciplinary Twist. Major: Psychology, Music. (Faculty Mentor: Durell Bouchard, MCSP)

Roanoke students also frequently present their research work at regional and national professional conferences.  Most summer scholars present their work at such conferences in addition to the on-campus Showcase of Experiential Learning.

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