Student Profiles

Student Profiles

Photo of Aaron CookAaron Cook
Washington and Lee School of Law

"The Roanoke College pre-law program helped me formulate a successful plan to negotiate the rigorous, complex law school admissions process. As a result, I received a generous scholarship from Washington and Lee, a prestigious law school, and have done very well in my legal studies there. From the beginning of my interest in law school, my pre-law advisor gave me valuable insight and advice concerning preparation for law school. I completed two interesting internships, one with a state prosecutor and the other with a federal judge, which gave me a sense of what lawyers actually do. This gave me a great advantage in law school because many of my colleagues there had never been in a court room before. Furthermore, I made lasting contacts in the legal community and obtained my job after law school as a result of the contacts I made in my internships."

Photo of Thomas Jackson

Thomas "Tee" Jackson
Oklahoma City University Law School

"Roanoke College helped prepare me for law school in a variety of ways. The pre-law classes developed my critical thinking skills and even exposed me to some of the concepts I studied in law school. My advisor guided me through the process of selecting a law school and submitting applications. I received practical, real world experience through internships with the state and federal courts. Because of Roanoke College, I was prepared for law school." 

Photo of Beth See

Beth See
George Mason University

"The pre-law program at Roanoke College provided wonderful opportunities to prepare for law school. The classes involved "hands on" experiences, such as arguing before a federal judge, that helped me learn to utilize the skills I learned in class. The amount of internships available to students was also outstanding. I was able to intern for both a U.S. congressman and a federal judge, which gave me a unique experience over others in my incoming class at law school. The entire program gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to begin my law school career."  

Photo of Amanda Pickens

Amanda Pickens
University of South Carolina School of Law

"In your first year of law school you will read for hours and are expected to intelligently discuss a case and its controlling legal principles in front of your 80 peers, but your Roanoke College experience will undoubtedly provide some ease and comfort. My Roanoke College classes, internship in the U.S. Senate, and employment with a local attorney have helped me prepare for law school. Whether we are discussing the philosophy of punishment in Criminal Law or policy implications of Tort reform, I frequently hear the whispers from my former Political Science teachers as I am drawn back to my Roanoke days. I am confident that not only did Roanoke College prepare me for my tasks in law school, it allowed me to succeed." 

Photo of Bridget Tainer

Bridget Tainer
Washington and Lee School of Law

"My legal education was greatly enhanced by the skills and education that I received at Roanoke College. The classes that I took as part of Roanoke College's pre-law program introduced me to the concepts and ideas that I later encountered in law school; my familiarity with these subjects allowed me to feel more confident in my studies and to quickly understand my classes. The small classes and interactive lectures at Roanoke College prepared me for the type of Socratic-method teaching style that is common in law school. The writing requirements that I encountered in the Public Affairs Department and the Summer Scholars Program equipped me with the skills I needed in law school and gave me an edge when it came time to write graded legal briefs, complete written essay exams, and write a Note for the Law Review. Roanoke College's small size gives students the opportunity to develop relationships with professors outside the classroom, as research assistants, advisees, and students in one-on-one independent studies. I have been able to turn to those professors even after my time at Roanoke College for information about internship opportunities, references for scholarships and jobs, and advice on career choices."

Katherine Brings Capito
Washington and Lee School of Law

Photo of Katherine Brings Capito

"My experience at Roanoke College helped put me ahead on day one of law school.   My classes at Roanoke College gave me a basic understanding of procedural and substantive laws.  Several of the classes I took at Roanoke were also direct reflections of my classes in law school.  As in law school, my professors at Roanoke would have us read cases, write papers, and answer questions about the cases in class.  The mentors I had at Roanoke were also invaluable in helping me pursue my legal career.  My professors helped me obtain internships at the White House and with a Federal Judge.   They were always willing to offer advice on choosing a career path and applying to law school.  Even after I left Roanoke, they remained in touch with me and offered help and guidance whenever I needed it.  I would not be working in my dream job today without the guidance, encouragement, and assistance that I received from the professors in the pre-law program at Roanoke College and would highly recommend Roanoke's pre-law program to anyone interested in pursuing a legal career."     

Photo of Katie Seuhs

Katie Seuhd
West Virginia University College of Law

"Roanoke College provides excellent preparation for law school.  In my classes at Roanoke, I was introduced to legal concepts and discussed them in a comfortable, small classroom setting.  As such, I was confident when I had to stand-and-deliver on my first day of law school.  In addition, law school and most legal careers involve a great deal of writing and research.  Roanoke College honed my research and writing skills through intensive research papers, essay tests, and helpful feedback from professors. Furthermore, the internship opportunities at Roanoke College are outstanding!  My internship with the FBI taught me so much about the criminal justice system, law enforcement, and federal courts.  Finally, the teachers and advisors at Roanoke assisted me with my LSAT studies, with completing applications, and eventually with choosing a law school.  Even after law school, they assisted and advised me in my job search.  As such, Roanoke College provided an encouraging learning environment that gave me the confidence and skills necessary to thrive in law school."