How Do I Pay for College?

The financial aid program is an integral part of the admissions process. For many students and families, the costs of a private college may seem out of reach and financial aid is a very important determining factor. Our goal is to do our best so that no deserving student is denied a quality Roanoke College education because of a lack of funds.

Merit & Entitlement-based Aid

Selective Programs

Need-based Aid

For current students:

Intensive Learning Term Financial Aid Opportunities

Summer School Financial Aid Opportunities

Interested in studying abroad?  Be sure to schedule a visit to the International Education office to learn more about the various programs offered.  Note that your enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by Roanoke College may be considered enrollment here at Roanoke for purposes of applying for aid.  Contact our office for more information regarding what you need to do to secure your aid.

Dates and Deadlines for Current Students

Dates and Deadlines for Prospective Students

How is financial aid disbursed to my account?

For answers to how and when your financial aid will be disbursed.

What are my Rights and Responsibilities in regards to financial aid?

As a recipient of federal financial aid, you have certain rights and responsibilities that you should be aware of. Knowing them will help put you in a better position to make sound decisions about your education.

How do I file a complaint or grievance related to financial aid?

What other funding options could I pursue:

Payment Plan :
Many students and parents have found payment plans to be a convenient way to spread college costs out over a semester. Roanoke College participates with one outside agency that offers payment plans to all of our students.  The only cost to the family is a set up fee that is charged.  This fee is assessed with each plan.  No interest is charged during the payment period. For additional information, or a paper application, contact the Business Office at 540 375-2255 or email

I am eligible for Veteran's Benefits, what should I do to ensure that Roanoke is aware?

Roanoke College is proud to support our veterans with tuition benefits.  Please refer to our Veterans' Benefits webpage for more information on how you might be able to take advantage of these programs.  Please note that if you receive additional funding from the Post 9-11/Yellow Ribbon Program (at 100% eligibility), your financial aid award will be adjusted.  All previously awarded College $'s will be replaced with a tuition scholarship (funded jointly by Roanoke College and the Veteran's Administration) that will cover tuition and fees.