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Fall Welcome Week

Opening Day

Residential, commuter and transfer students are included in programming!

Move-In Information

All residential students will receive an email to their RC account regarding the move-in time slots, process, and a diagram to help guide your drive around campus.

Student Welcome Week Schedule

Student Welcome Week schedules are individualized to the student. The Wednesday before Opening Day, schedules will be available in Roanoke College's EllucianGo app.

Do you have a question and don't see the answer here? Email!

I’m a freshman COMMUTER. Am I included in Orientation?
Absolutely! Check your schedule in EllucianGo the Wednesday before Opening Day. There’s also info below on Maroon ID cards, parking passes and student leaders.

I’m a TRANSFER student. Am I included in Orientation?
Transfer students are broken into two groups. Transfer commuters have a reduced orientation on the Friday before Opening Day. Transfer residential students have an orientation group with a New Student Mentor. Either way, both groups are invited to attend Welcome Week events, and that schedule can be found in EllucianGo on the Wednesday before Opening Day.

What if my family and I still need to CONDUCT BUSINESS?
We strongly encourage you to contact those offices during the weeks ahead of moving in.  

I still have questions about HOUSING details. How do I find answers?
Moving away from home is a big deal. Residence Life and Housing has a very helpful website just for incoming students.

When I come to campus to move in, which way do I ENTER CAMPUS?
Everyone is expected to drive up Perry Drive.

What are the move-in PROCEDURES?
Move-in time slots, procedures and a map to help guide you to check-in tents will be sent to all residential students through their RC email accounts. Don't forget to check that inbox!

Once I move in, WHAT’S NEXT?
Orientation has a series of programs and events to introduce you to other new students and the campus. If you haven’t already, be sure to download the EllucianGo App. Choose Roanoke College and sign in. Your orientation schedule will be listed here. Your schedule is individualized to you, so don’t be surprised if you compare it with a friend's and find that theirs is different! 

If my family headed back home, where can I get LUNCH and/or DINNER?
Dining Services is open for students. Take your Maroon ID and head over to Commons! If you don't have anyone to go with, orientation staff (maroon t-shirts) will be looking out for you. They'd love to find you a group or go with you. It's a busy day, and they need to eat too!

I submitted my picture. Where do I get my MAROON ID CARD?
In May, all new students will receive an email instructing them on how to log in and upload their own photo. Photos will be reviewed and cards will be printed and available for pick up on Opening Day.
Residential students: Cards will be with your room key.
Commuter students: Cards will be at Check-In in Lower Olin Lot from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. If you are unable to come on Opening Day, your card will be moved to your campus box.

I never submitted a picture online. How do I get a MAROON ID CARD?
Access your Maroon Card here, then sign in. In the grey strip, choose "profile," click to "submit a new photo," and finalize by choosing "update."

I need to buy a PARKING PASS.
In August, all new students will receive an email instructing them on how to log in and purchase a parking pass. They will be picked up at Check-in in the Lower Olin Lot.

I ordered things and had them mailed to my CAMPUS BOX. Where is that?
Mail Services is in the basement of the Colket Center. In your EllucianGo app, choose the three lined “hamburger” to open all the features on the left. Under Services, choose Mail Services, and it will show your campus box number and combination.

I will need help setting up my PRINTER and connecting to the networks.
First, review the RC IT Knowledgebase for the most common answers.
Opening Day hours: Look for posters with IT's contact information. They will come to students' rooms as they are needed!

Who is my ACADEMIC ADVISOR and how do I meet them?
On Monday after Opening Day, ALL new students (commuters, transfers, etc.) have a designated time to meet with their assigned academic advisor. Meanwhile, if you have general Academic Advising questions, contact the Center for Learning & Teaching.
Location: Fintel Library
Opening Day hours: closed; Open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Your OGroup is actually your ROA 101 class!  Unless you are a transfer student, you all have your own group!

During Online Summer Orientation, your student leader was called an Orientation Leader (OL).  Starting in August, student leaders are called New Student Mentors. You might see some similar names and faces as many work in both positions! Each OGroup has a New Student Mentor. They will stay connected with you and your class for the entirety of the fall term.

I need to finalize FINANCIAL AID paperwork.
Office of Financial Aid

I need to pay a BILL.
If you would like to pay a bill, it is encouraged to do so via Self Service > Student Finance > Account Activity.
It would be helpful to review this Video Tutorial
Business Office
540-375 2255

I have questions about my HEALTH FORMS.
On Opening Day, many of our health services staff will be working screenings at various tents on campus.  Reaching out to them beforehand will allow adequate time and attention to discuss questions you may have.
Student Health & Counseling
540-375 2286

I need to know more about the ACCESSIBLE EDUCATION process.
It would be helpful to review this Video Tutorial.
Accessible Education Services
540-375 2247