Volunteer Leadership

President's Advisory Board

Jim Chisom  Jim Chisom '98 (Chair)      Alex Mulheren  Alexander (Sandy) B. Mulheren '02  (Vice-Chair)    Patsy Stevens Patsy Stevens '72 (Vice-Chair)

The President's Advisory Board, formed in 1995, brings together a breadth of knowledge and expertise held by Roanoke's friends and alumni from across the nation to benefit the College. The goals of the PAB include raising the level of enthusiasm for Roanoke College, encouraging knowledgeable ambassadors for the College, preparing for future leadership roles, and developing a greater level of investment and support for the priorities of the College.

Members of the President Advisory Board
Ms. Michelle R. Austin ’93
Mrs. Sally W. Bauer ’77
Mrs. Pilar D. Benassi ’82
Mr. William C. Benassi ’84
Ms. Carol J. Bernick ’85
Mr. Fritz A. Berry ’88
Mr. Joseph W. G. Brooks ’74
Mr. Robert R. Burchfield IV ’78
Dr. Paul C. Caldwell ’66
Mr. James L. Chisom ’84
Mrs. Leslie N. Christopher ’72
Mr. Bryan D. Colket ’98
Mr. Charles T. Coyle, III ’76
Mrs. Elaine M. Cronk ’77
Mrs. Danielle E. D’Arcy ’05
Mr. Donald J. Davidson ’79
Mrs. Kelly T. Farber ’99
Mrs. Lisa Marie L. Ferrell ’92
Amy H. Geddes ’92
Mr. C. Steven Harkness ’70
Dr. Jared J. Herr ’04
Mr. Christopher C. Jansing ’90
Mr. J. Fitzhugh King ’91
Mr. Patrick E. Leardo ’06
The Hon. Thomas J. Love ’75
Mrs. Charlotte Lucas | Blacksburg, VA
Mr. Eric S. Lucas | Blacksburg, VA
Ms. Carrie T. McConnell ’99
John M. Meaney III ’73
Mr. Barry T. Meek ’91
Ms. Elisabeth W. Moore ’14
Alexander B. Mulheren ’02
Mrs. Julie C. Murray ’87
Mr. Robert B. Naeny, Jr. ’77
Mr. John C. Newton ’82
Mr. Anthony C. O'Donnell ’99
Mr. Diedrich D. Oglesbee Jr. ’95
Mr. Grayson S. Patterson ’11
Mr. Jeffrey E. Rakes ’83
Mrs. Shannon B. Reynolds ’01
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Rhodes ’78
Mr. Stephen F. Rhodes ’74
Dr. Stuart F. Ross ’72
Mr. Robert E. Rotanz ’78
Mr. Joe Sachetti ’99
Mrs. Katie Schroeder ’02
Mr. Virgil C. Shutze III ’89
Mr. Joseph B. Sindelar Jr. ’81
Ms. Briell G. Smith ’16
Mrs. Sally W. Southard ’77
The Hon. Robert P. Spellane ’92
Ms. Patsy Stevens ’72
Mr. Andrew J. Sturmfels ’05
Mr. Gregory M. Terrill ’94
Mr. Peter S. Treiber ’79
Mr. Jason L. Turbyfill ’05
Mr. James C. Turk Jr. ’79
The Hon. Robert M.D. Turk ’80
Mr. Andrew S. Veasey ’81
Mr. Christopher M. Walters ’00
Mr. John H. Wick IV ’94
Dr. Kenneth T. Wilkes ’00
Dr. Karen R. Winslow ’02
Ms. Nancy Wacker Zindel ’71
Robert A. Ziogas, Esq. ’82
Mr. Sam Rasoul '02

For more information, please contact:
Mary Grace Theodore
Associate Vice President & Campaign Director 

Alumni Executive Council

The AEC represents the volunteer leadership from the Roanoke College alumni chapters and serves as the communication link between the alumni body and the College. The AEC assists the Office of Alumni Relations with organizing alumni events, fundraising, admissions recruiting and career development.

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Parent Leadership Council

The goal of the Roanoke College Parent Leadership Council is to give parents the opportunity to enhance the value of their children's education through advocacy, advisement, and philanthropy.


Greg '94 and Nicole '95 Terrill
Parent Leadership Council
Roanoke, Virginia