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The Finance Concentration is designed to provide opportunities for students to develop both qualitative and quantitative skills to acquire a solid background in financial principles and practices. Students will develop the analytical skills necessary to excel in a competitive marketplace.

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Why Study Finance?

The Finance concentration at Roanoke College

  • Prepares students for careers in finance,
  • Creates financially literate students,
  • Gives students problem solving and critical thinking skills,
  • And molds students into leaders

The finance field offers an array of careers for students to choose from that will best fit their needs.

The Princeton Review has named Roanoke College in the list of the top 36 great schools for business/finance majors for the fourth consecutive year.

Potential Careers in Finance

A circle with boxes on it labeled bank officer, financial planner, insurance agent, stockbroker, underwriter, and corporate finance


Students in the Finance concentration at Roanoke College have secured internships and full-time positions at top firms in the country.

Logos of: Merrill, PNC, CitiBank, JP Morgan Chase, Growmark, Morgan Stanley, Weill Cornell Medicine, Hometown Bank, UBS, and Forte Capital Group

Ian Kervick-Jimenex ‘13 (pictured below) had the opportunity to intern with Merrill Lynch.

Ian Kervick-Jimenex ‘13 on the computer being assisted at his internship

Hands On Experience

The Finance concentration at Roanoke College offers hands on experience in investments and finance in the form of coursework. Specifically, the Student Managed Fund, where students manage a $500,000 investment fund for a semester.

students working on the student managed fund

Pictured: Luke Aprile (‘19) and Keith Petrus (‘06) discussing the benefits of the Student Managed Fund for finance students.

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If you think a concentration in Finance is for you and would like to learn more, click here to see concentration course requirements.

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