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International Business is an extension of the traditional business major emphasizing the study of multicultural environments, international business and global management. It trains one to analyze problems that have the added complexity of relating to societies different from our own. Globalization will be the catalyst generating international jobs in the foreseeable future.

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Why Study Global Business?

The Global Business concentration

  • presents students with multicultural awareness & helps teach sensitivity,
  • creates adaptable & flexible students with organizational & problem-solving skills,
  • fosters strong communication skills, and
  • is great for students with an interest in world affairs, politics, and geography

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Potential Careers in Global Business

A circle with blurbs along it that lay out potential careers. The blurbs read "import/export manager," "international dept./banking," "global consultant," "interpreter," and "accountant"

Hands on Experience

Students had the opportunity to travel to China with their professor for a May Term course to learn about cultural differences between China and the U.S. that results in different business practices.

Students holding up a Roanoke College banner in China

Learn More

If you think a concentration in Global Business is for you and would like to learn more, click here to see the concentration course requirements. 

For more information, you can also contact Dr. Ivy Kutlu,

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