Health Care Administration

Students at a table having a discussionAbout the Program

The Health Care Administration concentration is designed primarily for students interested in Hospital or Health Care Administration. It is likely that most of these students will pursue (eventually or immediately after graduation) a master's degree in Hospital/Health Care Administration. Ultimately, they would be likely to work for a hospital, health maintenance organization, or public or private medical facility.


A cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 in all prerequisite course work is required. In addition, the student must earn a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in all course work required to complete the concentration. The concentration is achieved by completion of the following courses:

BUAD 225 Accounting II (BUAD 215)
BUAD 274 Human Resource Management (None)
ECON 227 Health Economics (ECON 120 or 121)
SOCI 223 Ethics and Medicine (SOCI 101 or INQ 260SO or perm)
SOCI 323 Health, Illness and Healing (SOCI 101 or ANTH 101 or INQ 260SO or INQ 260AN or permission) 

Also, the student must complete one unit from:

BUAD 264 Foundations of Leadership (None)
BUAD 324 Training & Development (BUAD 274)
BUAD 364 Team Dynamics (BUAD 254 or PSYC 382)
BUAD 406 Independent Study 
BUAD 416 Internship (permission)

Compilation of Credit Form for Concentrations