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The Marketing concentration at Roanoke College provides students with the knowledge and understanding of marketing in the field of business. Students will learn how to think critically and creatively and will develop the skills such as qualitative and quantitative research methods, as well as knowledge of advertising, communications, consumer behavior, public relations and marketing strategy.

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Why Study Marketing?

The Marketing concentration

  • prepares students for a creative career in marketing and advertising,
  • gives students analytical tools necessary to succeed,
  • provides background and insight into psychology principles,
  • and is a great field of study for both creative and science minded people

Potential Careers in Marketing

A circle with marketing jobs in bubbles along it. They read "purchasing agent," "sales manager," "marketing research analyst," "advertising manager" and "pharmaceutical sales rep"

Hands on Experience

Students had the opportunity to study the French approach to advertising during a May term in Paris, France.

Students holding a Roanoke College banner at Disneyland Paris

Learn More

If you think a concentration in Marketing is for you and would like to learn more, click here to see the concentration course requirements.

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