Bookstore Credit

Prior to or at the beginning of each semester, excess pending financial aid may be transferred to your Maroon Card to be used for books if desired. This can be done by completing an authorization form designating an amount of the pending credit be transferred to the Maroon Card. If there is a parent PLUS loan on the account, the parent signature is also required. 

This form is available below and also on the Maroon Card page. Additional forms are available at the Business Office on the first floor of College Hall.  The credit is put in Maroon Money and may be used at the Roanoke College Online Bookstore to order new or used books, ebooks, and do book rentals. 

Students and parents should read the terms and conditions of the Maroon Card program prior to signing as funds not used for books will stay on the Maroon Card for use by the student but will not be refunded.  

Actual credit on the student account may be transferred to the Maroon Card any time during the semester by student's completion of the authorization form.  The Business Office can load funds with completed authorization forms and funds will be available immediately for use at campus or off campus locations. 

Authorization Forms for Transfer to Maroon Card

Transfer Pending Financial Aid Credit
Transfer Credit from Student Account