Person Proxy & Making Payments

Granting Person Proxy for Financial and Academic Information

Students have the opportunity to set up Person Proxy for parents or guardians whom they wish to allow permission to view billing, access statements, print receipts or make account payments.  Once in place parents may go directly from the Parents page on the website and connect with their own login and password.   Proxy may only be setup for parents or guardians on the student's record.  Updates or additions for the student record may be submitted on the Student Information Form with the Registrar's Office. 

Please call the Business Office at 540-375-2255 for questions on Person Proxy or our HelpDesk at 540-375-2225 if you need to retrieve login information or have password reset.

  •  At - select Services, click on Self-Service
  •  After log in, click on your name on upper right to access User Options
  •  Select View/Add Proxy Access
  •  From dropdown, select person to grant proxy permission then check boxes as desired
  •  Accept FERPA disclosure
  •  Save from record - parent/person will receive emails with login information & password

Changes or updates on student information, including parent e-mail addresses, should be sent to by the student from the student's Roanoke College e-mail address.     

Parent Log In via Person Proxy

Parents to whom students have set up Person Proxy for financial and academic information and have received their own login information may enter from a link on the Parents page of the Roanoke College website or as noted below.

  • Go to
  • Select Services, click on Self-Service
  • Use Login and password emailed to you
  • After login, select your student's name
  • Student Finance has Account Activity tab and Make a Payment tab available
  • Statements or detailed views available on Account Activity (receipts may also be accessed here)

Making Payments

Roanoke College offers student self service web views which are user-friendly view with a breakdown of charges, payments, anticipated financial aid, and refunds.  Students may make a payment to their student account in Self Service -> select Student Finance.  Parents will use the Person Proxy link on the parents page if permission has been set by student.   A history of past terms is also available thru the drop down menu.

Account Activity tab - provides billing details and Statements and receipts are available here

Make a Payment tab - select term of charges to be paid by checking box, the balance on the term pulls in the amount field on the right but partial payments may be done by clicking in the box and entering amount you are paying before selecting method of payment and proceeding

If charges are reflected on the account for the term, payments may be made here. Registration for classes must be in place in order for billing to be done.