Billing statements may be generated in Self Service - Student Finance from the Account Activity tab.   Parents may access by their own log in Person Proxy if student has set up permission.  However if billing has not occurred for the term or financial aid awarded, the picture would not be complete.  Fall semester billing is available by July 10th with spring semester billing available by November 20th.  E-Billing is accessible for students and meets the expectations of families today as they manage most of their bills online.  It is also our way of contributing to the campus wide green initiatives.

Students are responsible for the account balance, viewing their account info or statements, and ensuring the information is available to anyone assisting them with their financial obligation to Roanoke College.

Our Student Self Service brochure may be a helpful reference for families.

Statements may be printed or saved as a pdf document in a secure folder or sent as an email attachment to parents.  The college often hears about the needs of families today to have billing sent to more than one parent or third parties that might be helping with tuition.  Due to FERPA restrictions our office cannot always fulfill those requests without the student's permission but the information is available to students to have that ability at their fingertips. 

Online payments for student accounts may also be done in Self Service, select Student Finance.  There are three tabs available - Account Summary, Account Activity, and Make a Payment.  Statements are available from the Account Activity tab.  Roanoke College continues to accept all four types of credit/debit cards (2.7% convenience fee paid by cardholder) along with the option of eCheck transactions ($1.50 fee) online.  Check payments may be also mailed in to our office.  As the college meets stricter PCI DSS compliance for credit card information, we encourage families to use the online area to do credit card payments. 

Students are able to set up Person Proxy permission for parents to receive their own log in and password which may be utilized for viewing student account billing and making payments.   Steps for setup are under the Person Proxy & Making Payments link.  Parents receive their own log in and password and enter thru Person Proxy on the Parent page of our website.

Deposits for returning students may also be paid in Self Service based upon timing of the academic year.

It is very important that parent address and email be updated in our system as these are used for many campus communications.  Students can do this at the Registrar's Office webpage, by going by their office in the Administration Building, or by emailing registrar@roanoke.edu from their campus email account providing updates..

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact the Business Office at (540) 375-2255 or toll free (877) 826-9356.