Withdrawal / Refund Policy

The College operates on an annual budget with commitments for faculty salaries and educational and plant expenses made a full year in advance. Therefore, Roanoke College has established a refund policy which is equitable to the College and students. The date of withdrawal used to compute refunds is the date the student last attended class, as recorded by the Registrar's Office.  Local students living on campus not withdrawing from the college but electing to move home once the term has started will not receive a refund of room and board regardless of the date they move off campus. 

For students who withdraw or separate from the College for any reason prior to the beginning of a term, a refund of all tuition, room, board, and fees paid will be made, less the advance payment required of all students, provided a written notice is presented to the Office of the Registrar by the matriculation date.

If an enrolled student withdraws before the 60% point of the period of enrollment, a refund of tuition, room, board, and activity and technology fees will be calculated using calendar days and pro-rated based on the student's date of withdrawal.  Any financial aid that is not earned must be returned to its source.The calculation of the return of these funds may result in the student owing a balance to the College or Federal Government. Federal funds will be returned in accordance with federal regulations. In addition, balances owed to Roanoke College - such as parking fines, student health fees, disciplinary fines, library fines, etc. - will be deducted from any refund due before any disbursement is made to the family.

In accordance with federal regulations, the College believes that it is the responsibility of the family to pay affordable educational costs before any financial aid is paid. In view of this basic approach to the family support, any charges to a student account that are assessed for the period of enrollment prior to a withdrawal or suspension are viewed as first having been paid by the student and his or her family. 

Therefore, all financial aid will be returned to its source before any funds will be refunded to the student or his or her family.

Upon a withdrawal from the College for any reason, the Housing Agreement is terminated and the resident student forfeits any current or future room assignments. Residents must vacate their living areas within 48 hours. Upon readmission to the College, the student will be assigned housing based on available accommodations. Changes in room assignments can be made by contacting the Residence Life and Housing office.

A student may be granted a withdrawal for health reasons when physical or psychological functioning is so impaired that he/she cannot meet course requirements for the remainder of the term. The refund is calculated based upon the unused portion of total fees (prorated for the entire length of the term). The withdrawal request must be substantiated by documentation from an appropriately qualified, licensed health care provider (e.g., physician, Health Services staff, mental health practitioner, Counseling Center staff) which includes the following: a diagnosis of the condition, the time frame during the term in which the diagnosed condition occurred, a functional description of how this prevented the student from being able to continue or complete the academic requirements, and a recommendation of withdrawal for health reasons. 

A student granted a withdrawal for health reasons must receive permission from the College to re-enroll. Such permission is contingent upon the College determining that the individual is capable of meeting the requirements of the College environment without detriment to his or her personal health, the health or educational progress of other campus community members, or the educational process of the institution. The student must reapply at least one month prior to the beginning of the term in which reinstatement is desired. The application must be substantiated by documentation from an appropriately qualified, licensed health care professional recommending read- mission and functionally describing how the health impairment is sufficiently resolved so that there is a reasonable expectation the student can persist to complete the academic requirements of the term. The student must give written con- sent to his or her appropriately qualified, licensed health care provider to discuss the individual's situation with appropriate College officials. The final determinations for withdrawal and readmission shall be at the sole discretion of the College and for reasons deemed satisfactory to the College. Roanoke College reserves the right to withdraw a student or take other appropriate action if College officials determine a student's conduct or condition is detrimental to the health or educational progress of other campus community members or the educational process of the institution.